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What should I do with my two leftover leeks?

Two measly leeks left over! Thought it would be a fun discussion. Go!

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      1. Use them in an omelette, quiche or frittata!

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        1. I use leek wherever onions are called for. If not making anything, I would cook up and freeze for the near future.

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            They're especially good in Shepherds Pie.

          2. In the past I have frozen raw end-of-week leeks for future use in stocks. They're v sturdy and do not suffer from not cooking them first.

            1. A couple of leeks would be thinly sliced and added to grated root vegetables and then everything steamed. It's one of my favourite seasonal accompaniments to, say, chicken pieces that I've cooked under the grill or done in the oven. Leftovers of teh veg go into a frittata (although they need squeezing to get rid of moisture from the steaming).

              Very thinly sliced, they work well in a salad where you don't want the aggression of onion.

              1. Clean, chop and freeze.

                1. Szechuan Twice Cooked Pork

                    1. minced and added to turkey meatballs
                      minced in yogurt dip
                      sliced length wise braised and stuffed with ground meat and spices
                      used in Bloody Mary's
                      added to cocktail sauce for shrimp

                      1. Use them in place of the onions in a mirepoix and make a delicious soup. They're also yummy sauteed with mushrooms and used as a quick pasta sauce.

                        1. My choice is as a side....leek gratin. Parboil for a bit to tenderize, drain, place in baking dish with a little chicken stock, butter and parmesan cheese@ 400F until brown.

                          1. cook them and then add evo,s+p, and a little vinegar/lemon