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Feb 1, 2013 07:20 PM

goodbye dinela, out with a BANG at Lukshon

the flavors there never cease to amaze me.
like a party going on in my mouth every time.
interesting combinations that have both punch and balance.
truly innovative cooking.
well plated, delicious, pretty, dishes

also, they run the most consistent kitchen in town.
don't know how they do it.

had a repeat of the same meal i had earlier in the promotion because every one of those dishes, to my palate, shines

grilled squid salad
w/ chili sambal vinaigrette, cucumbers, chinese celery, mint.
the combination of flavors and textures makes it unlike any other salad i've had in town

crab fritters
red crab, singapore style chili jam
a great variation on crab cakes.
the jam has a great balance of spicy and sweet and does not overpower the milder flavor of the fritters.

steamed cod
spicy citrus broth, lily flower, tatsoi
all i can say about this dish is that i'm madly in love with it.
last night i had two portions of it.
would eat it every day if i could
the broth is spicy without overpowering the cod. the cod is steamed separately so that it maintains it's own integrity. the piece of cod is thick enough so that the spicy sauce doesn't impregnate the subtle flavor of the cod.
also, the cod is perfectly steamed, it is cooked through without being so cooked that it becomes flaky. it's texture is perfect.

thankfully these items are on their regular menu and i'll be able to get them even though restaurant week is over (albeit at a higher price)

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  1. in the main, i agree with your take on Lukshon. was there on the last day of dinela and had another wonderful meal and dining experience except for those crab fritters which I did not enjoy but they did not diminish the meal which included both dinela and regular menu selections(the scallops are delicious). if I lived closer this restaurant would be on my regular rotation. The steamed cod is also one of my favorites.