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Feb 1, 2013 07:04 PM

Dante"s kitchen vs jaques imo for low key bday(44) dinner

Dante's kitchen vs Jacques imo for lo key bday dinner. But absolutely great tasting foodie experience....i am a personal chef in nyc....but I am not pretentious about food...good food
is good food:D

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  1. there is absolutely nothing low key about Jacque Imo's. and while I enjoy it's festive atmosphere and simple soulfood, it's not what I would consider a foodie destination.

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    1. re: kibbles

      Wow, the words "there is absolutely nothing low key about Jaques Imo's" was forming in my head as I read the question.

      1. re: roxanne207

        I third that....go to Dante's Kitchen or to Brigtsens. Skip J-I.

      2. I, too, might choses Brigsten's over Dante's Kitchen. J-I is fun, but the other two have better food.

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        1. re: roxanne207

          Dante's without a doubt over J-I. Brigtsens, One, or Boucherie (less expensive) are excellent choices. All are in the area you are talking about.

        2. ok i have narrowed it down to bday dinner at vacherie, dante's, jacques, and atchafalaya... was thinking about cochon ..but i live and eat that style/type of food every day.. i am def thinking of doing lunch at either commander or kpaul... would love to know what you guys think..thanx in advance..

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            If you like martini's then Commander's for lunch is the way to go. Martini's are 25 cents at lunch.