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Feb 1, 2013 06:43 PM

Location in midtown area for college wrestling reunion

We are 20 some odd college wrestlers from yester year. (1970-74) Looking for a location to hold a reunion. Beer and cocktails are a must with a varied menu. East side west side not really an issue. Men are coming from all over Metropolitan area. We hope to honor our mentor at this get together. Location and suggestion would be great. Looking at a Wed or Thurs evening.

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  1. How varied do you need the menu to be because one of the private rooms at Keen's seems pretty appropriate.

    1. I guess burger,wings, etc. would be good menu. Salads would also fit.

      1. Try this place, steve:
        Enough space for 20 men to wrestle in, a lot of good beer, a passable menu and as for cocktails, I don't know.

        (Keens is certainly an option and a fine one, too, but you'll pay through the nose to entertain there -plus I expect they'll prevent you from being physical -all those suspended Meerschaum pipes, you know.)