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Feb 1, 2013 04:46 PM

Valentines Day in SD

Hi Everyone,

I'm new to SD and looking for a restaurant for Valentine's Day Dinner, with the following requirements... Any recommendations? [note: price is no object]

-Vegetarian friendly
-No prix fixe (or, at the least, prix fixe with multiple options)
-Romantic ambiance

Thank you in advance!


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  1. Maybe AR Valentien at the Lodge at Torrey Pines. Beautiful setting. Very Vegetarian friendly (maybe call ahead to find what they offer for the holiday).

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    1. re: foodiechick

      2nd that, right after Super Sergio's of course, the most romantic place in SD!

      1. re: cstr

        SS the most romantic, but she asked for vegetarian friendly, so some sacrifice must be made.