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Feb 1, 2013 04:45 PM

Too much cream cheese--super bowl apps.

I have to take some apps to a super bowl small party & was looking through my recipes. Then I remembered that I have way too much cream cheese in my freezer at home & would love to use it. I would like something a little out of the ordinary...I know I can just dump some hot pepper jelly on top of it or mix with crab & serve hot. Any other dips or maybe not even dips that are awesome? Nothing with mushrooms please.

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  1. Chili con queso made of cream cheese and green chilies is wonderful.

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      1. re: tim irvine

        People always balk and bray at the thought of that dip, but when you put it on the table it goes first.

        My husband would gladly bathe in it and not leave the tub until he had licked it clean.

        Is there ever too much cream cheese? Ever?

        1. re: Sal Vanilla

          I always try to make the tequila and the queso come out even...

          (__8 ])

      2. Sub pesto for the hot pepper jelly and serve with pita chips. Brush both sides of pita bread with olive oil, toast (or grilling is even better), then cut into triangles. It is delicious.

        Something I used to make eons ago was to spread room-temp cream cheese on deli sliced ham, put half a green onion on the short end, roll up tightly. Put in fridge to firm up. Then slice into thin spirals. Of course, you could do this with other deli meats as well.

        1. I saw a Superbowl recipe in the paper a couple weeks ago where you mix 1 block of cream cheese with one can of chili without beans and nuke until hot. Serve with tortilla chips.I've never tried it myself.

          I like making garden pizza -- you bake a pizza crust or crescent roll dough into a rectangle. When it's cool, mix 1 block of cream cheese with 1 envelope dry italian dressing mix and spread on the crust (I usually don't use all of it). Top with chopped broccoli, carrots, sliced cherry tomatoes, chopped red bell pepper and olives. Cut into squares and serve.

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          1. I'm sorry. I cannot process "too much" and "cream cheese" together. I love the stuff!

            You can make a cheesecake for dessert (blueberry and pineapple topping to approximate Raven colors if you're a fan, or Strawberry/cherry for the 49ers).

            You can incorporate it into meatloaf or meatballs.

            If you're wicked ambitious you can make crab rangoons.

            You can incorporate it into a veggie frittata.

            You can invite me over.

            1. My favorite app with cream cheese is stuffed jalapenos with shrimp and bacon.

              Buy the thinest bacon you can find. Simmer, microwave, or saute until half way cooked. Cut jalapenos in half. Stuff with cream cheese and one raw shrimp. Wrap in bacon and secure with a tooth pick. I cook these on the grill but I don't see why you couldn't broil them. I always start with the open side down so that the bacon can get crispy on the closed side, without leaking all the c cheese out. Then flip and continue broiling/grilling on the other side until the bacon is crispy.

              I make myself sick on those things, usually.