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Recs for Green Park / Mayfair AND recs for lunch spots with (well-mannered and epicurean) kids!!!

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My husband and I are going to be in London with our 2 children (ages 5 and 2) next month. We have 2 date nights planned but also need recs for great restaurants for lunch that welcome kids. They're not "kids menu" kids so I guess we're looking for foodie spots that also have high chairs and don't mind a bit of a mess. We're happy with gastropubs (do pubs allow kids?) too.

Also, we have 2 date nights planned--one night is at the Dock Kitchen and the other is still up in the air. Any suggestions for a spot near Green Park / Mayfair that's fun, a bit buzz-y and with great food. We're open to any cuisine--just no Michelin stars.


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  1. The Wolsely might be an idea for lunch. If they are not keen on high chairs and mess you could try Quaglino's or Langan's Brasserie, which are a bit more mass market.

    For your evening slot The Greenhouse is worth a look. Not really a place for young children though.

    Tripadvisor or london-eating are good sources for multiple reviews.

    1. http://www.brasseriezedel.com/

      Brasserie Zedel got some love from the critics and is well-priced and great atmosphere. Apparently reasonably kid-friendly too.

      1. I liked El Pirata: