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Can i roast in my Demeyere saute pan with the lid on ?

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My kitchen is running out of space so i don't want to buy a roasting pan or another baking sheet if i don't have to. Will my saute pan do for now? The oven's upper rack is a bit rusty/dirty so i'd like to use a lid on the lower rack so the dust/dirt doesn't somehow end up in my food. ( I got a vintage oven ).

So will the saute pan do the trick?
Is it safe to roast with the lid on? Will the lid affect cooking times?

I usually roast chicken thighs/breasts and veggies at 425 for about 20-25 min in a baking sheet with parchment paper and I'd like to start using both racks at the same time now instead of just the upper.

I also own a large cast iron skillet and an enamel dutch oven ( i would hate roasting in those because of the heavy weight ).

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  1. Yes you can, the entire pan is SS Steel so there is no problem with putting it in the oven.
    The lid is fine but will reduce browning.

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      sweet thanks!