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Feb 1, 2013 03:14 PM

Attack of the giant chicken breast

I could probably google this and find the answer but thought I'd go to the experts first... My mother was telling me about some GIGANTIC chicken breasts she bought that were so BIG she couldn't get over it. I also buy GIGANTIC chicken breasts but never questioned the size. In both cases the packages are unlabeled, as in not Lillydale or Maple Lodge, etc. Soooo, do GIGANTIC chicken breasts suggest that these monster chickens may have been been provided with growth hormones, something unnatural or are they just big old well-endowed birds???

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  1. The larger breasts come off of birds that are weighing between 3-5 lbs, also known as roasters. The smaller breasts come off of birds weighing 2-3 lbs, known as fryers. It's just the size of the bird, which COULD be as a result of hormones, but more likely breed and dependent on the farmer and feed. Battery fed chickens can result in larger birds, as opposed to free range or "organic" chickens.

    Remember, McDonald's bred their own chicken breed called the "Mr. McDonald" which has larger breasts for their own use.

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        No growth hormones allowed in the US, either. It's all in the breeding.

    1. One of my sons christened these "Dolly Parton Chickens".

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        I call 'em "Chernobyl Chickens."

      2. Here in the states we have a name for such chickens - Turkey.

        1. The capon I roasted at Christmas was nearly all breast meat. And very delicious.

          1. Yea I too have noticed the gargantuan breasts which are sometimes up to 1.25 lbs. You might want to check out this thread

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