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Feb 1, 2013 02:05 PM

Top End Non-Stick

Shortly it will be my b-day and when asked what I wanted, I realized that my 12" non-stick fry pan (calphalon commercial) has finally bitten the dust and needs replacing. Since it will be a bit of a splurge, I'd like to get a high quality pan.

The problem I'm facing is that reviews of "the best" in this category rarely review anything that isn't in the mid range. So I am hoping to turn to this forum hoping that there might be a range of opinions on these top of the line (at least price wise) frying pans.

I don't want anything under 12". Must be non-stick. Weight is not an issue.

Here are some of the names that I have dug up for your consideration.

Swiss Diamond (diamonds in the coating? Sounds like marketing bunk)
Cristel (no handle? detachable handle?)
Eva Solo XO (11" is largest)
Scan Pan
Le Creuset
De Buyer (love the specialty handles but I can't find them in the US)

Thoughts? Opinions?

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  1. <The problem I'm facing is that reviews of "the best" in this category rarely review anything that isn't in the mid range. >

    Because mid range isn't going to last any shorter than high end (expensive) when it comes to nonstick pans.

    1. Hi, product:

      I was given a Swiss Diamond as a birthday gift several years ago. About $99 at the time. It retained its nonstick effect pretty much 100% for 3-4 years, but has tailed off gradually ever since. Now, 5-6 years later, it's just barely describable as non-stick.

      However, I'll note that the *surface* has held up well against cuts, nicks and scrapes, and the first 3-4 years it was great. It's also made from thick enough aluminum that it would be a useful pan with the PTFE stripped off.

      A final note: the handle bolts to the pan with a single machine screw. After 5-6 years the handle has a slight movement to it, and the screw is already so tight, I'm afear'd of twisting its head off.


      1. I've had many non-stick pans over the years, and so far my favorite is the one I bought at IKEA a year ago. It was their high end, but that means not expensive. Good weight and the finish still looks like new.

        1. Sent your pan back to Calphalon. It has a lifetime warrany and unless you really abused it(cut the NS coating or put it in the dishwasher a lot)it will be replaced. I sent in mine and the one I got was a Unison that MSRP'd for $125. The process is faster now . You do it on line beforehand and that way they know it's coming. Only cost is your shipping which should be about 10-15 with USPS. Good Luck

          1. I just bought one of the T-fal professional 12" skillets and I love it. It replaced an abused 13" T-fal with the helper handle that finally bit the dust (Loose handle that couldn't be tightened). The new one has a riveted handle and is much nicer.