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Feb 1, 2013 01:56 PM

LA foodie's 1st time in Portland (with an infant!) - need help!

Will be in PDX for the long weekend and would love to try a lot of the recs on the board but we can't as we have our 7-month old with us and can't do those long waits to get a table. Here in LA, we bring our son a lot to fine dining and trendy places, so he's used to it, but a wait just won't work. Any recs, especially for really good brunches?

Also, we will be baby-free for 1 night, so recs for real splurging would be appreciated. If there was 1 restaurant that would be considered the best in Portland (money no object), where would that be? And where should we go for a nightcap after?


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  1. Brunches in portland often come with a wait - even if you get there at the opening bell. It's a bit insane, really. You might try simpatica though (sundays only) - they might take a brunch reservation...

    I have reduced my fine dining a lot, so I'm only keeping up with the fine dining scene virtually, but my short list for a fine dining occasion would be:
    Paleys Place
    Wafu (weekend only)

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      I seem to be waxing on about Ned Ludd's a lot but it is pretty cool for brunch and they take reservations. I think it would be just fine with a baby. We really enjoyed it on one of our visits last year.

      1. re: grayelf

        Ned Ludd is the best brunch in Portland, imo...and a contender for best in the country.

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          Good to hear you liked it, uhockey. Looking forward to your full reports in preparation for our March trip. Huge advantage that they take reservations for brunch too.

    2. Second Ned Ludd for brunch with a baby. Bakery Bar ( is also very kid-friendly, particularly if you go before 10:30am. Roost ( and Accanto ( are great brunch places with low-to-no wait lines if you go early. Accanto takes reservations for brunch.

      Portland isn't really a splurge kind of place. If you like molecular gastronomy, then Castagna is worth a try. Le Pigeon and Aviary are my current dinner faves.