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Feb 1, 2013 01:33 PM

Super Bowl Drinks!

I'm looking for an easy punch or cocktail recipe to make for a super bowl party this Sunday. I usually bring wine when invited over to someone's home but this occasion calls for something more festive. Any ideas would be helpful!
If I have mixed drink, I usually have a vodka and cranberry, if that helps with the suggestions.


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  1. Hmmmm . . . .

    Well, I was thinking more along the lines of serving lots of Anchor Steam Beer (brewed in San Francisco). You could also serve Sazeracs made with Old Potrero Rye (thus covering New Orleans' world famous cocktail made with a whiskey distilled in San Francisco); a pitcher of Martinis made with No. 209 Gin (distilled on Treasure Island, in the middle of San Francisco Bay); or, borrowing *slightly* from the other side of the Bay, any vodka-based drink/punch made with Hangar One, distilled at the former Alameda Naval Air Station on the island of Alameda itself. (St. George Spirits, makers of the various Hangar One vodkas, also distill a single malt, some assorted gins, and a blue agave distillate similar to Tequila, as well as assorted eauxs-de-vie and Absinthe.) Just a thought . . . .

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    1. The heck with cocktails, it's the Super Bowl. Beer!

      Anchor Steam or Liberty from San Francisco.

      Abita from Louisiana, several tasty ones in their lineup.

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      1. re: JMF

        Agreed; beer is much better suited to football.

        However, I'll be mixing a few Sazeracs to kick off the evening. Any excuse to make a Sazerac is a good excuse for me.

        1. re: Njchicaa

          Real Madrid is playing in the Super Bowl???

        2. I'm doing Hurricanes, the hardest part is finding passionfruit juice.

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          1. re: coll

            Welch's sells a frozen passionfruit concentrate I've been able to find fairly reliably in the freezer section of most grocery stores.

            1. re: coll

              Does anyone really like these, save for the tourists staggering around the FQ who don't know any better?

              (Serious question. I can't stand them, personally.)

              1. re: zin1953

                I hated the red goopy ones that I tried before I found out how to make them with passionfruit etc. I'm able to get it in the Goya aisle here, but I know not everyone is as lucky. They usually go over well this time of year in my house.

            2. Looks like you're a Ravens fan so how about "The Raven"
              You should also have some crow on the menu because San Francisco is going to win.