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Feb 1, 2013 01:13 PM

Super Bowl Dessert Recipes

Hi everyone!

I know there are several Super Bowl menu & recipe threads out there right now, but I was hoping for one centered on desserts (and not necessarily following a theme like the other ones - I don't really care whether or not the desserts pay homage to either team).

My boyfriend and I are having a Super Bowl party with 9 other people, and we have a fairly small apartment. We've also both been incredibly busy for the past two weeks, so there isn't a lot of food prep going in to the party. We're both in our early to mid-twenties, so most parties we throw, everyone sort of chips in. Our menu is mostly nibbles: we will have salsa, guacamole, tortilla chips, 7 layer taco dip, buffalo chicken dip, an assortment of cup up veggies, and some types of potato chips. We are ordering pizza and wings for the group as well.

However, I'm planning on making something sweet for everyone just to round out the food and I'm at a bit of a loss. I usually tend to make everything from scratch, I like complicated recipes because they're fun, and I like to throw dinner parties, but this Super Bowl thing is much more low-key mostly because the bf and I just didn't have time or energy this time around. I want to make two simple desserts from scratch, one chocolate and one non-chocolate for haters (I know we have at least two big chocolate haters in the group) but I'm having trouble thinking of ideas.

Right now I'm thinking of doing some really delicious brownies for the chocolate-lovers, and some type of cookies without chocolate for the others. I have a carton of good quality vanilla ice cream that people can put on top of the brownies or cookies. However, I don't know what type of cookies to do, nor do I have a tried and true recipe for really great brownies. If people have better simple dessert ideas, throw them at me! Otherwise, suggestions for tried and true brownies (I like the fudgey kind) and cookie recipes would be greatly appreciated. Also, I encourage everyone else to talk about what desserts they're planning on making, or to swap ideas!

Edited to add: I don't have much nice dessert equipment, like bundt pans or candy thermometers, so things I can make on regular baking sheets and baking pans are extra appreciated.

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  1. Use the ghiradelli chocolate in the brownies and you got the theme covered. SB Sunday has become famous as the second highest food consuming day in the US. Most folks are pretty stuffed by dessert time, so I would keep it light...brownies..maybe some cookies.there are plenty of good recipes on the web

    1. In keeping with the football theme, I was planning to make a recipe my mother always referred to as Touchdown Bars - they're similar to a seven layer bar, but they have a chocolate crust (made either by adding cocoa powder to a shortbread crust or a graham cracker crust - an oreo cookie crust would work too). Then you top with nuts, chocolate chips, coconut and sweetened condensed milk and bake - very easy and VERY crowd pleasing. Here's a version: However, I have a couple of coconut haters, so I'm making a Nutella based bar cookie instead.

      As for brownies, there are a million recommendations on this board and everyone has their favorite, so I'll plug mine: Thomas Keller's recipe from Ad Hoc at Home. They are RIDICULOUS - there is no fudgier or more chocolaty brownie on earth.

      For a non-chocolate idea, you could do a peanut butter cookie, snickerdoodles, Mexican wedding cookies (shape them like footballs for fun!), really anything. Something with fruit would be nice too.

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        Oh wow! With three sticks of butter, those MUST be delicious. I think I'm going to give them a try. Always good to have guinea pigs trying out a recipe like that, so I won't eat the whole pan myself! Thanks for the rec!

        and I think I will be making snickerdoodles, with two votes here and another from the bf, it sounds like the perfect cookie.

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          Snickerdoodles, yes. Sort of the Yogi Berra of cookies-- so popular no one makes them anymore. People always rave and say they haven't had them in years (or ever). Add bonus points from the cook for being so easy to put together.

          1. re: monfrancisco

            So funny. I made snicker doodles for a conference. At least half the people there had no clue what they were, but by the end of the night there were only a few left. Huge hit

        2. This is the brownie recipe I've been loving lately. Use good quality cocoa or else they don't turn out as good (we noticed a huge difference between a batch made with Ghirardelli and a batch made with Nestle).

          This is my FAVORITE chocolate chip cookie recipe, also good for chocolate lovers.

          I thought snickerdoodles too for non chocolate lovers, and Joy the Baker has a great recipe for those.

          1. cookies to bake for your ice cream sandwiches: peanut butter and/or oatmeal cookies - with your brownies, you'll have it covered for dessert...
            my favorite recipe of the moment for brownies is the
            'Supernatural' Brownies recipe from Simple Cookies to Extravagant Showstoppers by Nick Malgieri

            Have a great time with your crew on Sunday!

            1. I must repost a recipe on a thread I started where someone posted a recipe that I made and fell apart (I fell apart not the recipe) LOVING so much.
              I'll look then post. IT WOULD BE A TOTAL WINNER.
              since reactions I got were crazy good.

              ok here is the by now you've decided but in case you haven't, gad this is good.....the poster for this recipe needs credit = modthyrth

              "Ever since I discovered this recipe for Snickerdoodle Blondies perhaps a year ago, I've been obsessed:
              So easy, so amazingly delicious. This cookie made one little girl exclaim, "You have magic powers over food!"

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                Oh wow, will definitely be making these! I was planning on the regular snickerdoodles, but hadn't picked a recipe yet, but this is definitely going to be it. Thanks so much!