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Fresh Mangosteens?

Does anyone know where I can get some fresh mangosteens in San Frsncisco or on the Peninsula? Thanks!

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    1. Not this time of year. Late spring through maybe September, typically from Thailand.

      1. They were around in May last year.

        1. Last week Nak's in Menlo Park had them. They buy them at the wholesale market when they're available. I got a few a couple of weeks ago and they were delicious. I think they were $5.50 per half-pound.

          They also try to purchase fresh durian. If you want either, give them a call to check availability.

          Nak's Oriental Market
          1151 Chestnut St Menlo Park, CA 94025
          (650) 325-2046

          1. Hi this is Ken. My Father is the owner of Nak's Oriental Market in Menlo Park. We just got 30 pounds of fresh Mangosteen in this morning. If you are interested. Feel free to contact us. Thanks.
            Ken Kurose
            650-325-2046 store
            408-509-4258 cell

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              Where are they grown this time of year?

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                  If they're from Thailand, they have been irradiated, which not everyone considers the same as fresh.


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                Thank you so much Ken. They were delicious!

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                  Have they been irradiated? Have never seen fresh non-irradiated here in the US. They are far cry from the glorious fruit of Thailand. Vancouver is supposed to have them fresh.

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                    Sorry Stanbee, Not sure what you mean by "not irradiated" you mean radiation? I would not know. I just know it's fresh and it came from Thailand. You may come to the store and read the box if you would like.
                    Ken Kurose

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                      Yes radiationto killany parasites or lowered organisms. The irradiated are in a mesh bag with a yellow tag. Perhaps the US has changed its stand on fresh mangkyut. Thank you.

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                      Irradiated since they came from Thailand I was told.

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                        My understanding is all imported mangosteens are. The only domestic growers are in Hawaii and Puerto Rico. The ones I had in Hawaii two summers ago weren't very good, but maybe they're getting better.

                        Mangosteens I had in Toronto a few summers ago came from Thailand and were luscious.

                    3. Eatswellrunslots you are very welcome. I am going to the produce market to see if they have more. Hopefully they will be a little larger. The last batch I picked up seemed to be a little small. I personally like the larger ones. :)

                      I did some research on the mangosteen. All Mangosteen, Durian, Rambutan, and Jack Fruit. Are all Irradiated. That is the only legal way they can come to the USA. They all go through a special X ray machine. I hope you all had a great weekend. Im going to leave shortly to see if I can get more Mangosteen, Jack fruit, and Rambutan. Good Night!

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                        Limited quantities of fresh mangosteens are imported from Puerto Rico and maybe some other places in the Caribbean. I'm not sure any of them make it to California.

                        The other stuff is irradiated with gamma rays, usually from cobalt-60.

                      2. I've seen fresh mangosteen at several markets in Oakland' Chinatown. Not quite San Francisco, I know, but I didn't want to start a new thread. Imported from Thailand, about $12 a pound.

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                          They are now quite a bit less than $10/pound in Oakland Chinatown. But pretty tart and not that sweet. Not bad but certainly not worth the price tag, IMHO. Won't buy again.

                        2. Hello this is Ken with Naks oriental market in menlo park. hope everyone is doing well. I just want everyone to know that I now have non irradiated mangosteen. They have a really nice purple color to them. Ease contact me if interested. hope you all have a nice weekend

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                              Hi - will you have the mangosteen this week? Fresh if it's available, irradiated is fine too though. I'll be in Menlo Park on Wednesday and would love to stop in to buy some. Thanks.