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Feb 1, 2013 12:11 PM

Takeout from Tenglong Chinese Restaurant - Inner Richmond [SF]

Gave this relatively new a place a try two nights ago. When I went to pick up my food, nobody else was in the restaurant. The interior is nice, though, with new furniture and a nice new-furniture smell.

Tried the dry fried chicken, which according to Yelp posters (and my coworker here at CHOW) had chicken that rivals the version at San Tung. The chicken held up remarkably well considering we didn't eat it for about 30 mins after picking it up. Sweet sauce, still crispy batter. My dining companion said he would have preferred a bit more sauce (though presumably this could be requested next time), which is why he didn't think it was as good as San Tung. But it's definitely worth a try, and the line is much much shorter!

Eggplant with basil was disappointing for me....the dish was very under-salted and underflavored, and we had to add some fish sauce to it, which helped. But I guess this means they don't use much (or any?) msg, which could be a nice thing for some.

Hot and sour soup had the same underseasoning/lack of umami, but was otherwise pretty good. Peppery (but could have used a bit more white pepper) and plenty sour.

Spinach with garlic was fine.

Rice was a bit dried out, but fine.

Prices are probably on par with San Tung and other places in that area...though there are certainly cheaper Chinese places in the Richmond too. I might return here again for the chicken and to try some other dishes.

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  1. Is it a Shandong, Korean-Chinese place like San Tung?

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    1. re: Melanie Wong

      I didn't pay that close attention to the menu, but based on what I'm seeing online, I think no. The chicken is definitely in a similar style, but I don't see other Shandong dishes. Not sure though if there are specials or special menus that I'm not seeing on the Zonic ordering website.

      1. re: Dave MP

        Thanks. No hints of Shandong in the online menu.

        Teng Long Chinese Restaurant
        (415) 666-3515
        208 Clement Street
        San Francisco, CA 94118

      2. re: Melanie Wong

        this spot was a vietnamese restaurant. thought it still was.
        once inside, i knew it was a standard mandarin/szechwan eatery

        regular menu on higher end (9-11), went for lunch special (6.95)

        curry chicken with hot & soup soup
        -curry flavor not distinct, muddled
        -soup not so hot, lacked white pepper
        -rice mushy, not firm
        -was recommended wings by server, passed, looked like heavy breading at another table.

      3. A few of my friends who have tried this place explained the San Tung comparison (and the fact it was better)'s because they usually walk out of ST with headaches and dry throat after eating the wings, and they did not have that experience after eating at Teng Long.

        I walked by TL last week after having a very forgettable meal at Murasaki across the street, and the menu looked rather lackluster and Americanized. The dried fried honey chicken wings were listed on the specials board outside the restaurant.

        Chili House (Sichuan) down the street looked more interesting...this place is a sister restaurant to Z&Y or is opened by similar owners/management? The menu format looked awefully similar.

        1. Had some for the Super Bowl. They normally butcher their wings in house from whole chickens, but Super Bowl madness caused them to buy wings pre-cut, no drumettes.

          Sweet sauce. Not as much complexity or acidity as San Tung's, but also not at all gloopy. My friends are huge San Tung fans and thought these were equal. We didn't eat them for about 45 minutes after ordering, so we didn't get any crispness.