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Feb 1, 2013 11:38 AM

Storing roasted garlic in the refrigerator

I know the risk associated with roasted garlic stored in an anaerobic environment (e.g. olive oil) due to botulism and that many people like to freeze it for later use. However, if you plan to use it within a week or so is it ok to just keep it in the fridge? We have been either keeping it wrapped in Saran Wrap or in a Tupperware container.

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  1. I treat it like I would any other leftover - a week in the fridge is fine. I actually used to keep it in oil in the fridge for AGES, until I found out I could die. Oops.

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      Great! Thanks. I can't get enough of the stuff but embarrassingly enough I always make more with a plan to freeze it after the weekend is over as that's when we usually go roasted garlic hog wild and by Sunday night there isn't much left worth freezing so I figure why bother.