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Feb 1, 2013 11:25 AM

Costco Hot Dog Combo switching to Pepsi

Here in the Seattle area, the switch to Pepsi was made a couple years ago, but everyone will be drinking Pepsi in the future.

Personally, I drink Coke and not a fan of Pepsi. When I do buy the hot dog combo, about 80% of the time I just give the drink cup to a family with kids.

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  1. no, no, say it ain't so,

    i'm sure there are an equal number of people who are thrilled.

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    1. I detest Diet Coke from the fountain, so usually get the Minute Maid light lemonade, But will be thrilled to get Diet Pepsi. My wife OTOH hates Diet Pepsi and likes Diet Coke, now she'll be drinking lemonade

      1. considering the vast quantities they go thru and the fact that every costco I've ever been to has had at least two soda towers or whatever they are called you would think they would offer a choice.

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        1. re: KaimukiMan

          No choice. Cola is a commodity product for Costco. Coke and Pepsi bid for the rights to be the exclusive cola sold at Costco. Pepsi had already taken over 2 of 8 Costco regions, and apparently are getting the rest.
          This isn;t just going to be at the food courts. Pepsi will replace Coke in the cans and bottle aisles as well.

          1. re: bagelman01

            As in: not selling Coke at all? My CostCo sells both, currently. Won't be buying Pepsi.

            1. re: pine time

              No, as in selling only Pepsi products in their "restaurant". You can still get Coke and Pepsi from the store.

          2. re: KaimukiMan

            North east costco's sell coke/diet coke. No plan in changing anytime soon.

          3. Yay! I am a Pepsi girl, and even more a Diet Pepsi girl.

            1. "No Coke, Pepsi!" Anyone else remember the SNL skit?

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              1. re: nlgardener

                When I took the Pepsi Challenge as an eleven year old back in 1982, I chose Pepsi. Also, the Philadelphia neighborhood I grew up in was a Pepsi neighborhood (they had a HUGE bottling plant near-ish by that employed a lot of neighborhood people). So Pepsi loyalism was bred into me early.

                And yep, I remember. "No Fries. Cheeps!"