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Feb 1, 2013 11:22 AM

Weight Watcher Foodies - Groundhog Edition - February 2013 [old]

Today I began my 4th week of WW, and I feel like I'm getting into the groove. Although I did little cooking last night, relying on leftovers, I have found that my new orientation is towards portion control.

What are you cooking to help yourself stay on plan? For us here in the NE, it better be something warm!

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  1. wandering by to mark my spot in the new thread.

    had a heck of a week with 2 days of all-day meetings, a team dinner, and a celebratory dinner out... sushi after hearing that not only did I get a promotion but also a raise... this weekend we'll be celebrating a friend's daughter's 23rd birthday. dinner tonight, out to see a band (DANCING YAY) tomorrow night!

    so - not a lot of cooking going on in the thomas household this week!

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    1. re: jujuthomas

      Congrats on your promotion and raise! That does warrant a bit of a celebration :) And, that dancing will certainly burn off some calories!

      My week hasn't been great either w/ the potential in-laws visiting, and then this weekend we won't be at home much at all (hockey game sat, super bowl party sun), and then another hockey game on monday night. I'm going to throw something together tonight but no real healthy planned cooking until next Tuesday for me.

        1. re: Solstice444

          Thanks Solstice and Julie! I'm really pleased about it...

          I'm getting back on track today - no Superbowl parties to attend, thank goodness. Today I'm making beef barley soup courtesy of skinny taste, oven roasting some veggies and making some steel cut oats for my week day breakfasts.

        2. re: jujuthomas

          Well what a nice surprise to read such good news! And sushi is a terrific way to celebrate in a WWish way.


        3. Thanks for starting the new thread Roxlet. I am lifetime but I just started attending meetings again because a good friend of mine just started and I know it is MUCH easier to do this with someone else. I have attended meetings and tracked online for the last 3 weeks and it has caused me to loose a bit, which is always nice. I also bought one of those active links, which is really surprising me into action. I already do pilates 4 xs a week, and some type of cardio on top of that, but the active link didn't really award me much for all this effort so now I am adding elliptical and other cardio to make sure I get 3 points everyday. Just seeing on paper that I wasn't burning anything made me pick up my game.

          What I plan on cooking to help myself stay on plan are some recipes from the newest veggie WW book that is currently being peddled when you go to meetings. At my last meeting the leader encouraged us to look through the book, and I took photos of a few of the recipes to try out before deciding if I need this book. On the horizon:

          Summer rolls with chili garlic sauce - 4 pts
          Goat cheese, pear, and fig sandwiches - 8 pts
          Thai coconut and vegetable noodle soup - 3 pts
          Brussel sprouts, pear and frico salad - 4 pts
          Quinoa and roasted veggie salad - 5 pts

          I will add shredded chicken to the quinoa salad and shrimp to the soup. Will let you know how they come out.

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          1. re: dkennedy

            I would be most interested to hear about the summer rolls! I love those, and a 4pt version would be lovely!

          2. Ho roxlet,

            I am now enjoying a warming soup, as it is -5 right now in MN with a windchill of -20. So for the soup, I sauteed onions in spray, added sliced brussel sprouts, garlic powder, herbs de provance, sliced carrots, celery, canned diced tomatoes, and sliced cabbage. Put in a cup of canned chicken broth, paprika, pepperoncino, a glug of fish sauce, and 2 oz of vegtable pasta spirals.

            Boiled it up, shared with my spouse, and had two huge bowls of soup, warming soup, for dinner. 3 points.
            Whoopee. I can have chocolate for bedtime snack.

            1. A very good breakfast this morning! I managed to make myself a breakfast burrito. A WW wrap (2pt+), one scrambled egg, 1 slice of bacon, and 1 Laughing Cow light cheese grated onto the wrap.

              1. Living with my husband is very challenging. He has his own little BBQ business, and always makes really delicious, fattening food. So yesterday he bought a CASE of chicken wings, and is making them for neighbors and friends. My leader this week said one wing is 3 points, so that clearly can't be my dinner. A friend of mine suggested the follow: chicken breasts chunked up, dipped in some seasoned flour, sprayed with olive oil spray, and baked in the oven. At the end of baking, put under the broiler to brown, and toss in Frank's Wing Sauce, not to be confused with Frank's Hot sauce. As opposed to the wing sauce he makes, which is dripping in butter, this has only 5 calories per tablespoon. Celery sticks, and blue cheese dressing made with lo fat sour cream, mayo and buttermilk will round out the Buffalo Wing experience.

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                1. re: roxlet

                  You might want to even try using greek yogurt instead of the sour cream/mayo. Extra protein boost. I made a honey mustard dipping sauce with 2% greek yogurt to go with my chicken wrapped in bacon apps, and it's super tasty.

                  Let us know how your "wings" turn out!

                  1. re: juliejulez

                    Yes, I just made my blue cheese dressings-- the full bore ones for the "customers," and the lo-fat version for me. I think it's pretty good, although I think that the blue cheese lacked some zip. It's a bit too mild for me. My husband bought the "artisinal" Costco one, and I think we would have been better off with the pre-crumbled blue cheese for this purpose. Mine I made with the blue cheese, 0% Fage, a touch of reduced fat mayo, garlic, lemon juice and salt and pepper. Not too bad, but I think it would be better with a sharper cheese. I'll report later on the "wings."

                    1. re: roxlet

                      Have youvtried the Bolt House blue cheese dressing? It is amde with yogurt and 35 calories a serving. It is refrigerated with the produce.

                      1. re: LizGW

                        I love the Bolthouse yogurt blue cheese and ranch dressings! I have been meaning to try the Thousand Island.

                  2. re: roxlet

                    On Superbowl night everyone but me had wings. I made chicken breast tenders, marinated in Franks and sriracha (I laugh thinking of another post about sriracha) and then rolled them in panko - fridge and then popped in the oven. They came out really well and I did not feel pissy about being deprived. I made lofat/cal ranch dressing to dip them into and piled on the crudite.

                        1. re: Sal Vanilla

                          those sound excellent!

                          long live sriracha eaters!

                          1. re: Sal Vanilla

                            That sounds much better than the version I made for Superbowl Sunday. I should start keeping some panko in the house.