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Feb 1, 2013 11:17 AM

Breakfast in San Francisco (near Moscone) for 23 people?

Hey folks,

I'm trying to organize a breakfast for 23 people near the Moscone center (a thank you for some event organizers). I've looked at Mission Grille and the Grove, but does anyone know any better places for a big group? It's too bad Grandviews closed...

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  1. Lulu does well for large groups

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    1. re: mamacooking

      I don't think they do breakfast though...:-(

    2. I think your best bet is to check at the nearby hotels that have the capability of doing some private events.

      1. For a group that large in that neighborhood, I'd check out the hotels, like Mission Grille: Ducca at the Westin, Luce at the Intercontinental.

        Mel's could handle the group, but its hard to get enthusiastic about that option.

        1. What about the restaurant at the W..I think it's Trace?

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          1. re: gnomatic

            DH has eaten at Trace & recommends it too. His other choice was Luce at the Intercontinental.

          2. To echo what others have suggested, Luce seems like a good fit. The food's decent and (at least when I went), they have plenty of space.