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Feb 1, 2013 09:56 AM

Can I get seating for 3 in the Rasika lounge on a Saturday evening?

Probably west end location. The Lounge seems to be a little looser, right? And I am not sure what time we will end up wanting to eat. Is it realistic to think I can walk in and find a table/spot for three to have lots of small plates in the lounge?

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  1. You can certainly try haha.

    I think you should a) call first to see what the situation is over in the lounge and b) maybe try to eat early or later (perhaps 9pm after the usual rush).

    You certainly will have better luck with the West End location though.

    Make sure to order the palak chat!

    1. I have usually had success getting a seat in the lounge area (just two of us though) on Th-Sun nights. Better chances before 6:30 and after 9:30...