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Feb 1, 2013 09:53 AM

Pickled Heron (Fishtown)

Anyone tried it? How is the food and what is the atmosphere like? Considering it for a belated valentines day dinner.

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  1. I liked it. A bit of a hike for us so we haven't been back. Atmosphere is very nice and food is good.

    1. Ate there during the summer. Food was very good - the menu is small. I recall the seared foie gras being excellent. Nice place - not too noisy - plenty of room between tables - parking is easy. Should be a good choice for what you are looking for.

      1. We went there for the first time back in late November, and thought it was excellent. Great place to BYOB.

        Very small but interesting menu. I had:

        1) Moules Frites, with saffron, mustard and white wine ($12)--reminded me of dining in Brugge, and almost a meal in itself

        2) Seared foie gras, celery root puree, seedless rye bread, caraway jelly ($18)--straightforward, classic

        3) Grilled brace of quail, Swiss chard, foie gras, mushroom risotto ($23)--outstanding, with a wonderful char, and it looked like a 4-legged mutant sitting splayed on the plate (see photo)

        4) Apple cake, buttermilk cardamom ice cream, caramel sauce ($6)--least interesting dish, but tasty enough (and I was stuffed by this point anyway and should probably have skipped dessert)

        Wine of the Night (BYOB) was a '92 Willi Schaefer Graacher Domprobst Riesling Beerenauslese with dessert

        A block or so down the street from Pizza Brain, it wasn't very hard to find parking almost in front. Very attractive inside (I particularly love the brass heron door knob!), with lots of space between tables, and < 1/3 full on a Tuesday evening. Husband/Wife (or Boyfriend/Girlfriend?) that own the place were very charming and accommodating.

        Counting after tax 20% tip, $78.

        I'm surprised that this place doesn't get more press. I gather they can be quite busy on the weekends, but I hope more people support them during the week, since this is the sort of place Philly needs to keep around.

        1. Four of us tried Pickled Heron last night and had a really good meal. Small menu, and everything we ordered ranged from pleasant to really good. They make everything in house. We didn't sample the charcuterie, but the bread was so good, we had a second round. I would go back tomorrow to order the pork strip loin and Lillet creme brulee.

          1. This is a great restaurant, and the fact that the (adorable) owners are right back there in the open kitchen makes it really feel warm and personal. The seared Foie Gras is really special.

            psst... there is some really good icecream right down the block at Little Babies too.

            I am happy to see people enjoying themselves here, definitely worth a trip - just a little OTBT - to my neck of the woods for a fantastic dinner in a really warm setting.