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Feb 1, 2013 09:06 AM

Count Bassie tonight suggestions please

Suggestions please but not sushi or Indian for dinner within walking distance of Count Bassie if possible. Would love to park early and then walk over, but if need be will hope for a parking spot later. We are more interested in good food than a pretty place. Much thanks!

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  1. There's a long thread about Red Bank. Most of the places mentioned are in walking distance.

    1. and this thread from last year.

      We dined at Red and had a very good meal although we had a lot of sushi. Wine and spirits served here if that's of interest.

      Nearby, Via 45 and Dish both are BYOB and we've enjoyed in the recent past.

      1. Good Vietnamese at Pho Le. BYOB.

        1. Much thanks for all your great suggestions. I ended up cooking at home! My hubby got entangled in work and we were running late. I appreciate your great and prompt responses and will try Pho and Bienvenue in the future. We loved VIa 45 in the past, and could not get a reservation. Also read about Cafe 24 we walked by it to check it out and saw one high top table. I love Middle Eastern foods and will some day try it for lunch. Maybe lunch in the car if the table is occupied! I appreciate all your helpful responses.