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Place to eat near the Morgan: Madison & 36 St.

We want to have an early, simple dinner prior to a performance at the Morgan Thurs. evening. Would like somethig close by-- Curry Hill is a little too far. Would like something inexpensive ($25. p.p., not including drinks or tax, or less), but good. Could be ethnic (Indian, Middle Eastern, Chinese, Italian, etc. Not Japanese or Korean) or American. Thanks for any suggestions.

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    1. Szechuan Gourmet on 39th Street.

      1. The Morgan's little restaurant is nice - if it's open for dinner.

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          We want to look at the Surrealist exhibit before the show, and the museum will be open to us just at 6, so we need to eat early- around 5.

        2. Nanoosh would work. And the Korean BBQ restaurants on West 35th - like HanGawi, Madangsui and Cho Dang Gol - offer many menu items in your price range.

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            Oops - I missed the "Not" in front of Japanese or Korean. Sorry!

          2. Byblos on 28 St and Madison has excellent Middle Eastern food.
            Rare on Lex and 37th has good food in your budget.
            Mapo Tofu or Hunan Manor across the street (40 and Lex)have excellent Chinese

            1. I know you said "not Korean" but the Korean fried chicken places probably aren't what you think of as Korean. There are a couple of them. I have been to BonChon Chicken a few times.

              They are definitely in your price range but might be too casual for what you have in mind. The decor is pretty minimal.

              1. Look at Cafe China, just a couple of blocks away. It is a good, quick option for that area.

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                  Used to love Cafe China, but very downhill these days: a new (very bad) chef hired two months ago, and steadily worsening service...it's gone from my fav Sichuan to an absolute no-go for me...

                2. Piccolo Cafe is in the next block. Cute little place, quite casual (lots of folks stop in for carryout). Very good homemade pastas.

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                    We went to Picolo, and we were disappointed. We shared vegetable lasagna and pumpkin (I think that's what they were supposed to be) gnocchi. We liked neither. Lasagna had no sauce and just chunks of butternut squash. Gnocchi tasted only of the pasta-- could not taste anything inside them. The salad was fine. I would not return.
                    While I'm not a vegetarian, I am not a meat (or chicken) lover. If I want Chinese food, would other people recommend Szechuan Gourmet or Cafe China? If I go down to 28 St., I'd probably choose one of the Indian places there.

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                      I have been to the Szechuan Gourmet on 56th street and it is very good. I reviewed it: http://voices.yahoo.com/restaurant-re...

                      I believe it is the same group in the downtown one, but I don't know for sure.

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                        Yes, it is the same ownership.

                  2. The restaurant at the Scandinavian House, Park and 37th.