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Feb 1, 2013 08:13 AM

fairway glatt hot dogs

i am a little bit embarrassed about how excited i was when i looked at the circular last night and saw that the fairway glatt hot dogs are on sale, bc it means theyre stocking them again

for those of us who ate hebrew national hot dogs when we were much younger, and bc of that find the hot dogs i find on shelves at the kosher supermarket- everyone so far- to be that weird preservativey sweet and strangely seasoned- these really brought me back

AND when i put them under a broiler they get that crisp skin crack

AND according to my sister- who normally has the other hot dogs at her house- the nutritional content was better, i believe she said carb wise and fat wise

if you havent tried them yet, and youre a fairway person, try em and share your impressions

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  1. Yeah, I'm sad when I go there and they're out of stock. I think Fairway's are the best kosher dogs.

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    1. re: iris

      they werent out of stock, at least when i thought they were, they werent

      they were just not stocking them for a while due to some issue with the supplier or something like that


      and on sale, and they have them in larger family packs

    2. Thanks for the tip! Will try these next time I get to fairway. Such a shame that the Brooklyn store was so damaged.

      1. Also love these! However, it's frustrating that they have 7 hotdogs (as opposed to an even number) in the package since I always eat 2 at a time. And hotdog buns usually have 8 in a package...

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        1. re: PotatoPuff

          You may want to talk to Fairway, as they may be doing this on purpose to control the price. But, I think that it still a good deal as it is 12oz pkg for 7, not a pound pkg, from what a friend told me.

          1. re: PotatoPuff

            that was one of the story lines on father of the bride, steve martins runs out to get hot dogs so they dont have to cook while theyre doing wedding prep and he gets all aggravated bc the buns are in 8 and the hot dogs are in 7, and he ends up taking, i think, 2 packages of hot dogs, and then removing "the superfluous buns" and insists they dont charge him, and i think he ends up in jail

            that being said, they also had a family pack, which was- i think double the size, and an even number, but still not a multiple of 8

            1. re: PotatoPuff

              If you read OP's post, there is a reference to the Hebrew National Hot Dogs eaten years earlier. Hebrew National has for many years packed 7 hot dogs in a 12 ounce package.

              This is the benchmark that store brands must use to compete in the marketplace. Fairway is not your typical Brooklyn kosher butcher selling some little heard of (by the general public and non-frum Jews) glatt brand.

              Way back in the 1970s when I was in the kosher deli business, promotionally priced or institution sized kosher franks from all the leading brands (HN, Shofar, Isaac Gellis, Morrison & Schiff) were all 9pcs to the pound, which is 7 per 12 ounce package. We used to order these for the local JCC summer camp, while in the deli itself we served griddle franks which were 6 to the pound.

              If my almost 60 year old mind recalls correctly:

              knockwurst>>>4 to a pound
              specials>>>>>5 to a pound
              griddle franks>6 to a pound
              kids/promotional/institution/dirty water hot dogs>9 to a pound

              and, BTW I generally don't eat franks in a bun, but on a plate with beans and/or kraut with a knife and fork. No washing, motzi or bentsching, just belching <VBG>

            2. The original comment has been removed