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Feb 1, 2013 07:56 AM

suggestion for tonight?

We will be attending a concert tonight at 4th and Chestnut.
Any suggestions for a casual place for dinner?
We don't prefer Mexican or Indian.
Anything else is okay, including pizza.

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  1. What about Jones for comfort food. Not fancy but deli-like.
    I think it's at 7th & Chestnut. Not sure.

    1. I'm thinkmg The Plough and the Stars or Serrano but haven't been to either in years.

      1. I'd go to the Khyber Pass, also good and casual around there are Aqua (Malaysian) at 7th and Chestnut and Kisso (Japanese) at 4th and Race. The latter two are probably better if you're looking for something quieter.

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          I second Khyber, although it could be pretty busy on a Friday night, and it can be pretty loud.

        2. If it were me I would go to Khyber Pass too.

          Red Owl, restaurant in the new Hotel Monaco at 5th & Chestnut is not bad (a bit overpriced IMO). Bistro 7 on 3rd St (BYOB) is supposed to be pretty good but I have not tried it.

          1. Close by at 433 Chestnut Street, The Red Owl Tavern seems to be getting the entire range of reviews on their food, very good to disappointing. Comments concerning venue (rooms with a view) and service seem consistently good. Love to hear your thought on the place.