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Feb 1, 2013 07:19 AM

Birthday Brunch for 30+ in Chestnut Hill area?


I am planning my Aunt's 80th birthday party and we are looking for a place that can host about 30 people for a nice Sunday brunch in the Chestnut Hill or maybe the Plymouth Meeting area. Our price point is about $25 per person. This will be in late April. Any recommendations would be most appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. You might be able to take over Cake. It's small and charming (Robertson's former greenhouse).

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      +1 on Cake considering your price point. As noted you may have to make a special arrangement as it is small and often quite busy on a weekend. Not sure if they have a small private room but my guess no. Some interesting menu items. I did discover that the hamburgers are/were bought-in and frozen and frequently tasteless but other items I have had have been quite enjoyable. Interesting venue too.

      While a Brew Pub might not be what you had in mind for a brunch: Iron Hill CH is quite attractive with a varied and most often well executed menu, good service and I believe you could get a sequestered area for your group and stay within your budget, a great location too.

    2. Try Heirloom. We had dinner there recently and it was very good. The space is lovely.

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        Quite good food at Heirloom for sure. Problem is the room is very small and loud and I doubt it possible to say within budget there.

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          Brunch menu looks like average of $15 per entree. I think the party size is biggest issue.

      2. I would contact Heirloom directly. They may work with you regarding 30 guests with enough advance planning. Currently on Opentable you can book brunch for up to 20. It would be lovely to have the whole restaurant if they can do it.