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Feb 1, 2013 07:14 AM


At Indeed Brewing last night. Our hungry table ordered @ 8 rounds of the "Black Bean Nachos with Beer Cheese." For the record, there is nothing "artisanal" about 19 cents worth of chips topped with a few clumps of unseasoned black beans and a slight drizzle of cheese diluted with beer for $5. Served ice cold. "Chef-driven?" "Ethical eats?" "Thoughtful food with a conscience?"

"Eco-Friendly Ripoff" is much more apt.

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  1. The link doesn't seem to work. What was the link to?

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    1. Bummer on the disappointing nachos. Everything I have had from Gastrotruck (lamb burger, marlin crduo, etc.) has been quite good and I'm looking forward to them opening an outpost in NE.

      1. I hope that was just a one-time mistake.

        I've never had their food, but that stretch of University Ave. really could use another restaurant.

        1. I do love the concept and how they pull it off. great little local brewery, nice bar setting in a great old bldg, and regular stops by some of the local food trucks. oh, great beer!

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            I hope that I am not the only one who has driven to a local brewery to hit up the food truck parked outside.

            It has been good to have some really good, well thought out food being served up next to a place that is making good local brews.

          2. I haven't had their nachos or been to Gastrotruck at one of the breweries, but everything I've had from the truck in the summer season has been excellent. The meatloaf sandwich, the chicken wild rice burger, the black bean burger, and lots of other options have never disappointed.