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Feb 1, 2013 07:02 AM

Cuisinart Grind & Brew - is mine dead?

I've had it for about seven years. Every year or two, it spills the coffee out onto the counter/floor. I've always assumed I didn't line up the pot right. But now it's happened the last three consecutive mornings. Today at 5 a.m. I walked in to see my Lab slurping up coffee from the floor (like he isn't hyper enough). Is my coffee maker dead? If so, I've seen good reviews of the Techno one here on CH, but admit I'll miss the option of putting whole beans into it the night before.

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  1. Where is the coffee overflowing from? I presume this is a model with a 'pause and brew' function whereby a spring at the bottom of the funnel allows you to sneak a cup mid-brew. I would pull that entire assembly out and verify the function of the spring. It could be that the spring has gunked up and jammed, so instead of filtering the coffee into the urn, it backs up in the filter and eventually overflows. We have a non-grinding Cuisinart, and the entire plastic funnel that the filter sits in pulls out for cleaning.

    The Technovorm coffee makers are great, but honestly our Cuisinart makes nearly as good coffee for a fraction of the price and is a lot more automated if it matters to you.

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    1. re: zhenya00

      "I would pull that entire assembly."

      Can you come over?

      Seriously, though, I'll try. Thank you very much for the advice.

      1. re: KrumTx

        Ha ha. :)

        Seriously, if it's the same as mine, just pull the filter, then the cone the filter sits in also pulls out. The spring is at the bottom of that cone.

        1. re: zhenya00

          Sorry to resurrect an old post, but I wanted to tell you that your advice worked. I flip the cone and drain it daily, but I'd thrown it in the dishwasher the day before it went wonkers. When I checked it per your advice, the springy thingy was bent. I straightened it and it's worked fine ever since.

          Such an easy solution that I would have never found. Thank you again, zhenya00.

          1. re: KrumTx

            oh, that's great news. thanks for reporting back!