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Feb 1, 2013 05:48 AM

For the jerk (at home) fanatics...

I just noticed on their website that Ontario Gas BBQ is carrying three items to amp up the authentic jerk flavours at home. They have pimento lump charcoal (mix of pimento and other wood), pimento wood chips and pimento leaves. Kinda pricey, but I'm going all in (well, at least the chips and the leaves). Wish they had pimento sticks. The supplier they use has those and I'd definitely buy those.

I was just in Jamaica and brought back some real special jerk sauce, so I'm excited to supplement it.

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  1. Great information Grandgourmand, definitely going to pass this information to people up in TO. Hopefully the demand picks up so that a wholesale option presents itself to the restaurant industry. First Jerk Shop to start using the real deal will have a line out the door.

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    1. re: Matt H

      I hope you're right, but I'm skeptical. I don't know if people would be willing to pay a premium for the stuff. Or if someone is willing to make the gamble that they will.

      then again, i'm a glass half empty guy.

      1. re: grandgourmand

        You may be right, but I am hopeful. Once you taste Jerk cooked over Pimento wood its really difficult to go back to the faux stuff.

        Maybe a restaurant should not go "all in" at one time, but possibly offering it as a special once a week to start. Just thinking out loud here.

        1. re: Matt H

          i know what you mean. i only had jerk over pimento for the first time in the last month. it was reminiscent of the first time I had really great sushi. the bittersweet moment when you realize the pale imitations you had before won't do. but i digress.

          i'm just glad i can get pimento in canada now. i like grilling at home, so this is perfect. i had also heard of people putting allspice berries in foil pouches to create a similar effect.

          1. re: grandgourmand

            Trust me, this is a huge find on your part. With this at your disposal there is no reason why you cant replicate what you had in Jamaica to a decent level if you have your jerk seasoning recipe down.

            The All Spice berries in foil is a good substitute I use myself when I run out of Pimento wood and leaves, which is often because I have to have it shipped in from another State.

            Report back on the quality once you give it a try, interested to see how it turns out.

    2. Aw man, I wish I had never read this post. I guess I'm finding a friend who'll drive me to Concord. I think I know just the person. Damn you grandgourmand!!!

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      1. re: Googs

        you can order it online. pretty sure it's the same supplier as the one for ontario BBQ. they're out of minnesota, but ship to canada.

        1. re: grandgourmand

          Thanks! I make okay jerk, but I have a friend whom I consider expert. Gift giving just got a whole lot easier. Thanks again.

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