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Feb 1, 2013 04:14 AM

Le Carre des Vosges - anyone been there?

I am working my way through a restaurant book, more of a list of musings than reviews by a critic who lives in Paris. The book is organized by arrondisement and I decided to start with the areas nearest the Marais, since our hotel is there. So far, all have been favorably reviewed in Zagat, except Le Carre des Vosges, which is not mentioned in Zagat. I think it is still open, since they have a website. The menu sounds interesting and I wanted to consider it for either our first or last night, when we might be too tired to take the metro. Anyone eaten there? Thoughts?

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  1. October 2007 is a long time ago but my opinion then was "Should one go? If you live nearby but there’ll be no fireworks."