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Feb 21, 2006 11:32 PM

SAN DIEGO- Where's the BEST Carne Asada Burrito?

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This is one of our favorites so please help us out.
Anything from dine in to hole-in-the-wall take out will do.

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  1. Maritza's, in Clairemont.
    3582 Mount Acadia Blvd # D, San Diego, 92111 - (858) 279-8866

    They cook the steak (and yes, they use steak) over an open flame using a bona-fide asador, and the flavor is slightly smoky, with a delicious house-made marinade for the meat. Place is a hole-in-the-wall, and they make their own salsa, which is delicious and spicy. Their guacamole is also outstanding.

    It's a pleasure to eat a CAB where you can actually identify the bits of steak and there's no gristle to be found.

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    1. re: JS

      OK JS - You've broken me. I drive just about everyday, I'm finally going to have try the CAB.

      1. re: KirkK

        Glad to heat it. I'm curious to see what you think. Maritza's is a total hole in the wall, like I said, but if you go there on a week-night you'll see a steady stream of locals coming in to pick up massive to-go orders.

        Their Wednesday night carnitas special is also quite good, and a real bargain. It's around $7, but you get 3/4 of a pound of pork, and loads of fixins. The only caveat with that is you must call ahead and reserve some because it sells out quickly.

      2. re: JS

        I do agree with Mr. S. that Maritza's is very good, but I shamelessly prefer the quesadilla special (ignore the name, it's in the CAB family) at La Posta in Hillcrest, and -- though this is 6 year old info -- the CAB at Trujillo's in the College area.

        Peace out.

        Disclaimer -- I own a restaurat specializing in carne asada--I mean, with absolutely nothing to do with the brilliance that is SD taco shops.

        1. re: jay porter

          My dream CAB would be a La Posta-style quesadilla special with Maritza's filling.

          When I lived around the corner from Martiza's, my regular item was a CAB without the guacamole or salsa fresca. Instead I'd have them fill the burrito with meat, cheese, and enchilada sauce. OMG was that good.

          1. re: JS

            I love carne asada burritos I used to live in san diego and fell in love with them there, it took me 15 years to find a restaurant in Kansas City that is from San Diego and has them. I had tried every restaurant I can and have never had success.Carne Asada Burritos are the best. I get them with no guacamole with sourcream, pico de gallo and cheese, yum Now I am hundry

      3. Maritza's has the best Carne Asada in San Diego. I live in the area and there food is excellent.

        1. OK, we all agree that the best CAB you can get is from the 'hole in the wall', 'orange and yellow stripped', 'wet shacks'. When you order through the drive through all you hear is a quick bit of static and then 'thank you' in a spanish accent. As mentioned above, La Posta is high up there. Try Cotija's in Pt Loma. They rule. Also, something to check out is the 'Grande Burro'. I bet you cant finnish it in one setting. Industy standard is Nico's. Alway consistant.

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          1. el asadero on el cajon blvd near sdsu. you wouldn't want to walk into the place by the looks of the outside, but everything inside is legit. fantastic carne asada done right and you won't be dissapointed.

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            1. re: DoctorQuality

              Heh, alright. Glad to see someone else talking about this place. I did a write up on them a few years ago, but never really saw anyone else mention them.

              Their al pastor, carnitas and barbacoa are also great.

              1. re: Josh

                The butcher part is very good as well. I liked the shish-kebobs they had with a kind of asada/teriyaki mixed marinade. They also had a great selection of ice/ice cream bars, with the Jamaica being my favorite.

              2. re: DoctorQuality

                I posted this elsewhere but, sadly, El Asadero has closed :(

                We NEED good food in the SDSU area!!

                1. re: Foodnerds

                  heart broken. One of my favorite places in SD. I always told everyone I knew about this place. Great food and incredible people. Loved their habanero salsa. XXX!

              3. Taco Surf in PB makes a pretty good CA Burrito. Goes well with their salsa.