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Feb 1, 2013 01:12 AM

A specialty of Verona, Bollito Misto

While in Verona this past week, I had a traditional Bollito Misto.

It consisted of Beef shoulder, beef tongue, rolled boneless Veal Breast, cow udder, beef head and cheek meat, Pork head meat, beef tendon and nerve Pork foot, Pork Cotechino, and pork ham. All served with four sauces green herb, fresh vinegar onion, horseradish, mostarda and course salt. It is accompanied by a thick potato based soup, also used as a warm sauce.

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  1. Sorry missed the photo of the Bollito Misto

    1. At what restaurant did you have this meal?

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        Yes, please tell us what restaurant. This looks delicious! I love bollito misto but have only ever had it in Bologna.

      2. Sorry for the tardy reply, have not been on CH recently.
        The restaurant in Verona is La Greppia, and its specialty is Bollito Misto, it is a very spartan, yet comfortable large dining room, the staff is very accomodating and proud of the dishes that the kitchen prepares.

        1. We were in Greppia last week and a local couple next to us was having this meal. We had no idea what it was so they offered to share some of the dark sauce. To me it was very similar to a southern gravy flavor. Their son explained to us that this was a traditional dish but he was not a big fan although his parents loved it. Our friend had a Bolognese there that he claimed to be the best he has ever had. I tried the pumpkin risotto but somehow the order got mixed up and I think they were in a rush remaking it so it seemed to be slightly undercooked. Regardless it has a quaint outdoor seating area and we enjoyed being introduced to this local dish.

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            wondering if the dish you tasted was served with peara', a traditional veronese "sauce" made with bread crumbs, broth, marrow and pepper? it seemed somewhere between a stuffing and a gravy to me.

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              Yes that sounds right. It was interesting.