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Jan 31, 2013 11:39 PM

February 2013 COTM -- Bistro Cooking at Home by Gordon Hamersley

February 2013 COTM -- Bistro Cooking at Home

I slipped the dust cover off and was pleased to see a butter yellow book, a nice unsophisticated food color. So we begin now with this month’s bistro cooking, which by definition is also not sophisticated. I think though that “good food” could define it!

Everyone is welcome, please do participate. This is COTM -- Cookbook of the Month. Here is some general information *and* a full list of the many books we’ve already cooked from:

Links to the threads for nominating and voting on this month’s book:

For this month, please report on your boisterous (or becalmed) bistro cooking here:

Introduction: Pages 12 - 23 have recipes for a few nice concoctions from crème fraîche to stocks.

The Art of the Salad 25 - 48

Soul-Satisfying Soups 49 - 64

Small Plates 65 - 100

Savory Gratins, Gallettes, and Tarts 101 - 124

Pasta, Risotto, and Polenta 125 - 148

Fish, Bistro Style 149 - 176

Chicken and other Winged Things 177 - 208

Meat -- Braised, Roasted, Seared, and Grilled 209 - 252

Vegetables on the Side 253- 276

Desserts 277 - 315

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  1. Thanks for getting the threads up so quickly blue room, amazing!

    I have to say I hate that the COTM's are no longer "Stickied" I totally forget about that tiny red font at the top of the page and then, inevitably, I click on the voting thread link instead of the reporting thread....why on earth would CH want to make this harder to get to?!!

    Ok, I'm done!

    I came here to post a question about a recipe. I'd be interested to know if anyone has any experience with the:


    In the headnote GH says "a little wine really makes a difference in the flavour" but then when you look at the ingredients, theres 1 cup of vermouth to 4 cups of chicken broth. That seems like a LOT of wine/vermouth to me and I'm not sure we'd like it. Has anyone else made this and if so, can you comment on the flavour?

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    1. re: Breadcrumbs

      I understand the moderators wanting to keep the stickies under control. Someone wanting to access "Home Cooking" shouldn't be faced with a page full of COTM and DOTM before reaching the general posts. But those red letters could be larger, I agree!
      As for the soup -- there is also a cup of cream, so the ratio is 5:1, still a lot! I'd say just use a wine you know you like.

      1. re: Breadcrumbs

        Remember that the alcohol will mostly cook out of the wine - or is it the flavor of wine that you don't care for?

      2. Just me stepping in here so that this thread will pop up on my Profile page. Why isn't it stickyfied for heaven sakes?

        Good work as usual, BR. I have a few recipes to report on when I "have my wits about me", as the nuns used to say.

        BC...haven't made that particular recipe yet, but I've splashed that amount of wine with the same amount of stock in many soups/stews to excellent results,,, but better wait till someone else confirms it for the recipe you're asking about.

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        1. re: Gio

          Thanks Gio & blue room. I guess it was the fact that it's Vermouth that threw me off a bit. We don't drink Vermouth, I just have it on hand for cooking and I feel it has a much deeper flavour than regular dry white wine would. If no one has made the dish I may give it a go but just add the Vermouth to taste and if I end up w a cup, so be it!

        2. Just responding so I get the thread "saved" too. But I am so excited about this month, and I'm glad that some of the recipes in the book also coincide with the risotto dish of the month. I'm excited to try out the butternut squash risotto, and I might get adventurous and make the short ribs for a Valentineish dinner (I've never made a dish like that, or cooked with short ribs before), and I want to make pretty much all the beef recipes. If only my budget was as big as my ambitions for this book :)