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Jan 31, 2013 09:43 PM

New York style pizza @ Bronx Deli in Farmington, MI

Just wanted to toss it out there, they do a pretty good version of a small New York style pizza. Sort of a crossover between Fresco Wood Oven and Supinos. Small 12-14" pie, great thin crust, with a crust that I actually continued to eat, good sauce, quality cheese and great pepperoni. Be nice if they made an actual 18" sized pie but for $10 and change out the door, I found this pie to be a perfect dinner option for one or two people.

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  1. ok - that's dinner tonight. Been looking everywhere for some good ny style pizza.

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    1. re: MARISKANY

      There are a few NY style places around Metro Detroit.

      112 Pizzeria Bistro
      New York City Pizza
      Brooklyn Pizza

      1. re: GrueLurks

        As a new yorker, I must say that I've been to Supino prob 5 times and it is nothing like New York style pizza. If anything it would fall closer to the category of neapolitan style but I'm actually not even sure I should say that. The pizza at Supino is kind of its own thing. The dough has a flavor and texture that I can't really compare to the typical neapolitan pies of say, Motorino, Keste, Lucali, Co, etc. As for your other places listed, Ive not been to any of them.

        1. re: prcentauri

          ...and, therefore, a pizza crawl challenge is thrown down. (?)

          1. re: prcentauri

            I think the only place around here that ever really nailed the true NY style pizza was My Cousin's New York Pizzeria in Bloomfield, now defunct. The owners and chief pizza maker were from Brooklyn and really nailed it. RIP.

            112 Pizzeria Bistro seems closer to the NY style than Supino's does in my opinion.

            But I will agree with you, there are NO places in Michigan that I've ever had that have ever come truly close to replicating a true NY slice. I loathe just about every Detroit style pizza place here, from the chains on down to the "legendary" standbys such as Buddy's, Shield and even Loui's. Give me a thin crust 10" slice I can fold and devour any day over this over glorified dough pie they consider pizza here in this state.

            1. re: GrueLurks

              "...and therefore, a pizza crawl challenge is thrown down."
              - I have been waiting for this. I'm too far away to participate in this but I want o hear the results!

              Whenever I'm in the vicinity of Brooklyn or NYC (couple times a year), I try to get a slice. They may not have the perfect New York style flavor, but it does satisfy my desire for the experience.

              I agree Supino is it's own thing. And delicious.

      2. I just got a message from the owner at this location and he says they can no longer make pizza there due to a lease issue with another tenant. That sucks!