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Jan 31, 2013 07:28 PM

Dockside Market and Grill in Flemington

Just saw an ad for this new establishment. Grand Opening this Friday. Located by the Lowe's on Rt. 31. Seafood Market, Gourmet Deli. Eat In or Take Out. BYOB. Looking forward to trying it out and reading reviews.

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  1. Does "this Friday" mean today, 1 Feb?

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    1. Thanks for the heads up, I'll definitely be trying this place soon!

      1. Made it over for lunch this past weekend. It is located between Lowes and Walmart in a little strip of stores. It is a very casual seaood market and eat-in area. For lunch, you order at a register and then they bring the food over to you. There was an area with Grab and Go prepared healthy looking foods, there was a small area to buy fresh fish, and about half the restaurant was for eat-in. The decor is very nice. Light, bright and very "beachy" looking.

        Started with the seafood chowder which was delicious. It was similar to a New England clam chowder, but without the cream. It was loaded with seafood. Fish, mussels, clams, shrimp. Also potatoes, celery, corn. It was really, really good. I would definitely get that again. I also had the crab balls, which are basically a small crab cake in a ball shape, rather than flattened. They, also, were quite good. Not too much filler, just lots of good flaky crab. It was served with a very nice remoulade. This, too, I would get again. Also got the fish tacos, made with sauteed trout. These were not so great. The fish, avocado, and salsa were all OK, but I did not care for the many green bell peppers. Their flavor overpowered the fish. The worst part, though, was the tortillas. They were corn tortillas and seemingly right out of the package. They tasted raw and fell apart immediately. I would absolutely not order these again, especially since we have been spoiled here in Flemington with fish tacos from the BFG.

        The drink selection could have been better, as I remember just water, ice tea, and root beer. They have only been open a week, though, so I'm sure they will work on that. The staff was very friendly, the food was tasty and fresh. I wish them well and I will go back.

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          Husband and I have been here twice, once for dinner and a second time for lunch. Thanks to Madgreek99 for more details on the location; it would have been difficult to find without them. (I hate that plaza with all the roundabouts for minimal traffic!)

          Both times we had the seafood chowder. The small size is a good sized serving as it comes in a bowl. When we split a large they were kind enough to divide it into 2 bowls for us.

          For dinner I had the mahi mahi with pineapple salsa. Their pineapple salsa is really good - fresh cilantro and enough jalepenos to give it a kick. The Asian vegetable medley side is also good - the veggies are stir-fried in a yummy soy-based sauce. Husband had the monkfish special, which came with a side of lobster mac and cheese that was to die for! We suggested that they add the mac in cheese into regular rotation.

          For lunch Husband had the seafood cobb salad, which had a nice helping of crab meat and chunks of shrimp. It was huge. I would have liked a little more variety in the salad greens though (looked like mostly romaine and iceburg). I had the baked salmon sandwich, and it was very good - the salmon salad was made with capers, red onions, and dill.

          Both times we went the restaurant was doing a decent business, so hopefully they will continue to do well. They are thinking about expanding the seating area (much of the store is devoted to the "market" area with fresh fish and takeout items - they will definitely need more seating in the future if their dine in business keeps up). Although the service is slow at times (I attribute this to the fact that they've only been open a few weeks), the staff is very friendly, and the chef comes by to visit with diners and get feedback. I really like the prepared foods section of soups, salads, and meals packaged to go. Flemington needs a place like this, hopefully the 3 or 4 of us Chowhounds that reside in the area can keep them open, LOL!

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            I hate driving through that Plaza - it's like driving through a rat's maze.

        2. My experience at Dockside was somewhat different than madgreek99's and esjro's. I have been only once and that was for lunch; overall, I would have to say I was quite disappointed but that may have a lot to do with what I ordered.

          Finding the restaurant is indeed a challenge. Even though I know the plaza reasonably well, I had to drive around the entire complex twice to get to it. On the first go round, I saw the restaurant but had missed the one-way entrance to the parking area. So....round again. For others, it's next to the Edward Jones office.

          After much hemming and hawing, I ordered the fresh fish sandwich and sweet potato fries. The fish was cod on the day I was there. I sat down and waited, noticing that two other parties were also waiting for their food. Surprisingly, my sandwich came out first, much to the chagrin of the woman at the next table! The piece of cod was very good, perfectly cooked, but it was served on a very boring and somewhat dry roll that took the whole experience down several notches. The slaw that accompanied the dish was excellent but the sweet potato fries were awful. While they were cooked through, they were soft and spongy. I'll never order these again.

          Service was very good and everyone was exceedingly helpful. I must note though that while I was there three people complained about their food. One woman simply wanted her veggie burger warmed up but the other two (at another table) seemed to have real issues with what they were served. Whatever the problem, it was made right by the server and kitchen.

          I too hope this place makes it. I can see myself buying some of the take out items and I will return for lunch. On my next visit, I think I'll try one or more of the items mentioned above!!