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Jan 31, 2013 07:17 PM

Geylang Lor 20 Banana Fritters – Pretty Good Pisang Goreng (Banana Fritters) At Old Airport Road Food Centre

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As I just discussed in my Nam Sing post, I ate at many places at Old Airport Road Food Centre. Another place I stumbled upon was Geylang Lor 20 Banana Fritters. Here they serve pisang goreng, which is a Malaysian dish that is just fried plantains except here they used pisang raja which are a type of sweet banana. The batter was nice, it wasn’t overly thick and wasn’t oily whatsoever. The banana inside was sweet and this was a very nice fritter. 8.25/10

Overall, this isn’t a destination type place, but if you’re at Old Airport Road Centre it’s worth trying out.

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  1. It's not really just fried plaintains in Malaysia - although Malay vendors tend to prefer green, unripe bananas of any genre. They call plaintains "pisang tanduk" actually (Google Translate got it wrong!), but the sweeter, tastier "pisang raja" is also widely-used. Chinese vendors (both in Malaysia and Singapore) prefer "pisang raja" for its resultant texture after frying.

    The best "goreng pisang" for me is Lim Kee, formerly at Somerset House, and now at Maxwell Rd. Food Centre. That chap managed to obtain that crisp, salty crust for his batter mix, reminiscent of traditional "goreng pisang" which is hard-to-find these days in Singapore.
    His selection of items was also great: cassava, purple yam, jackfruit (chempedak), mung bean patties, sometimes (during Chinese Lunar New Year season, like now!) the tri-layered sweet potato-"nian gao"-yam sandwich :-D

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      ahh interesting

      i saw lim kee @ maxwell when i was there, but i was too full to try it. Geylang Lor 20 had a bunch of other stuff as well, but i had so much to eat that i couldn't afford the space in my stomach haha. I love maxwell even though its so well known, i find so much good food there