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Post if you made something for the first time today!

I did my first roast today! Normally my wife does roasts, as the oven makes me nervous. I did an outside round roast (bottom round) and it came out beautifully! Every time I do something new I'm convinced it's not going to work, but it was great!

What did you do that was new to you?

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  1. Tonight I baked a Pumpking Yogurt Pound Cake. Turned out pretty well but I could have baked it a few more minutes.

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    1. I made a pre-fab sour cherry-strawberry pie with cream cheese topping. I made it up and it is amazing.

      Pre-fab is a pie concept that I came up with where you bake the crust all the way through all by itself naked and then cook the filling separately, then combine them.

      I whipped up some cream cheese and lemon and vanilla and sugar and a bit of heavy cream, then piped it on top of the cooled pie.

      It is really yum.

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        Neat! Why separately? To avoid soggy crust?

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          It avoids soggy crust, it makes sure the crust gets browned enough, and you can be sure that you used the correct amount of thickening and sugar on your berries, because you can taste it as you go before combining the two.

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            The "pre fab" concept has been out for many years....

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          I was going to say this sounds like blind baking, but realized that whenever a blind baked crust gets filled, it goes back in the oven. At least that's how I've seen people do it.

          Congratulations on your creation!

        3. Fish en papiliotte Asian style. Just some sole with a touch of soy sauce, rice wine topped with green onions and garlic.

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              Delicious! Came out nice and tender. Perfect with dumplings.

          1. Corn chowder. It seemed like a soup kind of day here. I've made many different soups, but never corn chowder. I "followed" a recipe found online, but made small changes. It was good.

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              Sounds good! What changes did you make?

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                Well, I found a recipe that included some chiles, which sounded good. Turns out I didn't have the chiles I thought I had in the pantry, so that was out. That recipe didn't include potatoes, I did. No big changes. The best thing I did? I thought that grilled corn would be great in it, but this is winter in Ohio... so I took frozen corn (thawed) and tossed it in a nearly dry wok over high heat, with just a slight film of bacon grease. That gave me some carmelization on some random kernels, as if they had been cut from a nicely grilled ear. I'll definitely do it again.

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                OOH perfect! we are making corn and crab chowder tonight, for the first time, and if my husband can get the small sourdough boules, we will serve in that. (my boys love the idea of eating chowder out of a sourdough loaf!)

              3. Last night I made linguine with canned clams for the first time. Should have read the recipe reviews because I also would have doubled my sauce for a pound of pasta.

                1. Black bean & sweet potato chile. Made it in the crock pot after sauteeing the veggies and a little bit of hamburger. It tastes good, but I think I like traditional chile better.

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                    I have found that chili should be meat OR it should be veggie (no comments here about the true definition of chili, please?).
                    Combining the two ideas hasn't worked for me. I make a veggie "chili" with chickpeas, sometimes beans, and lots of veggies in a tomato and chicken stock base which is really good.

                  2. A corn meal-whole wheat tart crust, with a filling of sauteed greens and caramelized onions, along with eggs-cheese-cream. The new part was the crust, which was pressed into the tart tin rather than rolled. Adapted from recipe here: http://www.thekitchn.com/recipe-winte...

                    Got started late, so the tart/quiche is still in the oven -- will report on the crust later. (Pretty sure the filling will be tasty no matter what.)

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                      Not bad. Amazed that the crust came away neatly from the tart tin, and didn't get too soggy on the bottom. Would be a good crust for a tart with Mexican flavors (poblano, e.g.)

                    2. I braised a small section of pork shoulder with a lot of onion, some garlic, a very old bottle of hard cider (barely any carbonation when opened), and some prunes. Seasoned with Accent, vadouvan, and Trader Joe's 21 Seasoning Salute. It is only two portions' worth so it cooked faster than I expected. It's a good thing I checked it at an hour. It is quite yummy. Wish it had been a bigger piece of pork! Didn't use a recipe but must make a note of it so I can do it again sometime.

                      1. I made real Chinese BBQ pork. From scratch. Using pork shoulder. Not the pre-made jar-sauce and tenderloin.

                        Followed the Cook's Illustrated Modern Classics recipe.

                        Was quite impressed with myself.

                        1. Found a jar of amaranth in the fridge that I thought was something else for a long time. Looked on line for how to cook it and decided not to go with the popping technique since everyone was warning about the baby seeds flying everywhere if not well attended.

                          Most recipes called for 2 cups of water to 1 cup of seeds, but the result was called soft grits or porridge. I used 1-1/2 cups water to 1 cup seeds, brought to boil covered, pinch salt, simmered covered for 20 minutes, turned off heat, left covered on the hot grate for another 20 minutes.

                          It didn't fluff much, but the water was absorbed and it wasn't porridge. Not much flavor but a little crunch. It's got good protein, lysine amino acid, calcium and iron and other minerals.

                          I don't plan to make any recipes with it; just add a spoonful to a cup of soup or toss some in a stir fry.

                          I think I prefer quinoa to amaranth. Anybody ever try this?

                          1. Bought bag of FRESH garbanzos today... cuz had never seen them before and they were there. A LOT of work to peel and not much flavor difference (IMO). Won't bother with them again.

                            1. I am in the process of making a chicken and shallots braised in vinegar adapted form A Bon Appetit recipe. It smells and looks amazing.
                              I adore a braise on a cold murky day.
                              I am going to serve it over bulgur with some braised collards on the side.

                              1. First time ever doing a nice big porterhouse steak. Pan seared and then finished off in the oven. Kinda smoky, but pretty stupid-easy and good!

                                1. Not a big deal, but I found a bag of sweet brown rice at an Asian market that looked very interesting, and i'm cooking it now in my rice cooker. I hope it has somewhat the texture of pearl barley.
                                  Man, it was so hard not to type "Pearl Bailey" for some odd reason.

                                  1. Pickled eggs! Never even had one before!
                                    But I'll let ya know how they turn out in a few days!

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                                      A friend has been making these for us. They are delish, especially the ones with beets and garlic.

                                    2. I made this Pizza Bianca recipe from Smitten Kitchen: http://smittenkitchen.com/blog/2008/0.... I had lots of time to lounge around today waiting for the dough to proof. I almost set off my smoke detector waiting for the oven to heat up, and it never quite got as hot as I wanted... my oven thermometer only registered at 450F, although the preheating light showed that it was at 500F. Oh well. It was still delicious, especially with a glass of red wine! I am always terrified of yeast based baking and was pleasantly surprised at how easy this recipe was.

                                      1. Tortillas and Baltimore coddies. Oh, Elvis Presley's favorite pound cake ( recipe from Saveur).

                                        1. I made a gluten-free cake with coconut flour, coconut oil, raw honey (and some other ingredients). It was interesting, although it looked like a regular cake on the inside, it didn't rise (despite 6 eggs and baking powder).
                                          It was O.K., guests enjoyed it. The browned edges were really chewy, overcooked eggy.

                                          1. Fried spring rolls! I'm usually scared of deep frying. Turned out good.

                                              1. Not Today but I tried two new things this weekend:

                                                Filipino Chicken Adobo in Crock Pot on Friday
                                                Buffalo Chicken Wings on Sunday for the Superbowl Party. woohooooooo!!

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                                                1. I made my traditional beef stew recipe this weekend but added trotters (fresh pigs feet) to the stew for the first time. I had read an interview a while ago where a chef (Todd English perhaps?) said these make all the difference in a stewed beef recipe and holy cow (no pun intended) was he right!

                                                  I added approx. a pound of fresh trotters cut into two inch chunks after browning the beef and just before putting the stew in the oven, removing them from the stew just before serving. There was no pork flavor in the stew whatsoever but this was the silkiest most rich tasting beef stew I ever made!

                                                  Trotters will most definitely be used in all of my beef braises from now on and I can't wait to try it with short ribs!

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                                                  1. Although I used canned corn, the corn chowder I winged because the half&half needed to be used up fast, came out quite well. Besides, who wants a thick creamy soup during the heat of the corn harvest season? I also winged a lemon-coconut pound cake that was a comedy of errors, from the seizing up of the virgin coconut oil to plugging in the mixer when it was set on hi speed, to misjudging the baking time when using mini-loaf pans. I saved them just shy of burnt, and the cake tastes fine. I just wouldn't want to serve it to guests.

                                                    1. Goat shoulder. About a 1.5 lb. chunk, bone in. Browned on all sides in oil in a skillet, into a small enameled cast-iron dutch oven. Deglazed with a glug of white wine, added that and some chicken stock, salt, several peeled garlic cloves and 2 smallish rosemary branches (plant not dead yet!). Covered, into a cold oven set at 200 for 2 hours, another 2 hours at around 215. Kept warm while I degreased and reduced the cooking liquid. Really good, texture something like braised lamb shank.

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                                                        (Glug is an excellent measurement!)

                                                      2. I made Bourguignon d'Agneau for the first time this week and it turned out great. I only did half the recipe to test for a dinner party but I liked it a lot. It needed some more liquid after being in the oven for 3 hours so I will check it half way through the next time and add more liquid if needed. I used this link for the recipe (it is really just like Julia Child's Boeuf Bourguignon but with lamb):

                                                        1. For Superbowl yesterday, all requests from fiancé:

                                                          Shrimp spread (staple from the 80s) - it was decent
                                                          Prosciutto bread- tries to imitate A &S deli in Fairfield, PA. I didn't like it
                                                          Scallops wrapped in bacon then dipped in major Gary's chutney. Chutney was a little gingery, not the brand I was looking for.

                                                          I also had crabbies and pizza dip on hand but he was too full having also insisted on ordering a pizza. These I had made previously however.

                                                          Obviously a case of eyes or mind being bigger than one's stomach.

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                                                          1. I spent some quality time on Amtrak over the weekend and listened to a bunch of Splendid Table podcasts. As a result, I tried out Anna Thomas' recipe for greens soup. Super easy, caramelize onions (I had some frozen), chop 2 bunches of greens, add a couple of tablespoons of arborio rice plus broth/water, cook and puree. It was pretty good and undoubtedly healthy. Next time, I will add some additional spices.

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                                                              Made Bo Ssam from David Chang's recipe for Super Bowl party yesterday. Other than trying to "overstuff" the lettuce leaves and one finicky friend who didn't like building her own lettuce sandwiches, it was a big hit.