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Jan 31, 2013 07:15 PM

Post if you made something for the first time today!

I did my first roast today! Normally my wife does roasts, as the oven makes me nervous. I did an outside round roast (bottom round) and it came out beautifully! Every time I do something new I'm convinced it's not going to work, but it was great!

What did you do that was new to you?

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  1. Tonight I baked a Pumpking Yogurt Pound Cake. Turned out pretty well but I could have baked it a few more minutes.

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    1. I made a pre-fab sour cherry-strawberry pie with cream cheese topping. I made it up and it is amazing.

      Pre-fab is a pie concept that I came up with where you bake the crust all the way through all by itself naked and then cook the filling separately, then combine them.

      I whipped up some cream cheese and lemon and vanilla and sugar and a bit of heavy cream, then piped it on top of the cooled pie.

      It is really yum.

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        Neat! Why separately? To avoid soggy crust?

        1. re: plasticanimal

          It avoids soggy crust, it makes sure the crust gets browned enough, and you can be sure that you used the correct amount of thickening and sugar on your berries, because you can taste it as you go before combining the two.

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            The "pre fab" concept has been out for many years....

        2. re: sandylc

          I was going to say this sounds like blind baking, but realized that whenever a blind baked crust gets filled, it goes back in the oven. At least that's how I've seen people do it.

          Congratulations on your creation!

        3. Fish en papiliotte Asian style. Just some sole with a touch of soy sauce, rice wine topped with green onions and garlic.

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            1. re: plasticanimal

              Delicious! Came out nice and tender. Perfect with dumplings.

          1. Corn chowder. It seemed like a soup kind of day here. I've made many different soups, but never corn chowder. I "followed" a recipe found online, but made small changes. It was good.

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            1. re: Cheez62

              Sounds good! What changes did you make?

              1. re: plasticanimal

                Well, I found a recipe that included some chiles, which sounded good. Turns out I didn't have the chiles I thought I had in the pantry, so that was out. That recipe didn't include potatoes, I did. No big changes. The best thing I did? I thought that grilled corn would be great in it, but this is winter in Ohio... so I took frozen corn (thawed) and tossed it in a nearly dry wok over high heat, with just a slight film of bacon grease. That gave me some carmelization on some random kernels, as if they had been cut from a nicely grilled ear. I'll definitely do it again.

              2. re: Cheez62

                OOH perfect! we are making corn and crab chowder tonight, for the first time, and if my husband can get the small sourdough boules, we will serve in that. (my boys love the idea of eating chowder out of a sourdough loaf!)

              3. Last night I made linguine with canned clams for the first time. Should have read the recipe reviews because I also would have doubled my sauce for a pound of pasta.