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Jan 31, 2013 04:32 PM

Freedman's , anybody been?

I haven't checked this place out yet but the Yelpers have given it mostly good reviews and they have some innovative products on the menu. Anybody been yet?

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  1. I've only had the smoked head cheese there, but that alone is worth a visit, imo.

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      I'm dying to hear if this smoked banana pudding is any good. That's like my favorite dessert and it's hard to find anyplace that does it well.

    2. Went this weekend for happy hour/dinner. Had the trinity (rib, brisket and sausage), the pickled carrots, the potato salad and the beans. We also had two drafts a piece (both local and quite good, but amounted to half the bill).

      BBQ was good - two lean pieces of brisket and one fatty, all with a nice smoke ring. Rib was fall-off-the bone tender and husband (who's the sausage guy) loved the chunky texture and slight jalapeno kick.

      Sides - pickled carrots went fast, with just enough zesty bite to cut the one problem we found - everything else had a sweet, smokey "oneness" to it. Sauce was sweet and smoky, potato salad was sweet and smokey (warm German variety) and the beans were uber-sweet and smokey (but loved the heart meat). While everything was wonderfully executed, it all hit a one-note nature.

      I love the patio and there was much merriment going on (however, we were the only ones who weren't friends of staff and didn't get anything comped).

      Meal ended up costing $65 (with tip). Good, but a bit expensive for what/where it is.

      1. I actually went this weekend. I just went for dessert. The smoked banana pudding was okay, not great. The smokiness added a layer of flavor but I don't know if it actually enhanced the dish much. At $6 it was also pretty small. My companion had peanut brittle with bacon, which she didn't like very much. The bacon pieces were too thick and not chopped up very finely.
        The biggest disappointment was the service. We sat a while waiting for someone to acknowledge us and the indoor seating is rather cramped. I wont be back.