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Jan 31, 2013 03:40 PM

Spring Staycation

Im a long time New Yorker trying to plan a 4 day staycation food-a-thon in the spring. Im trying to pick as many snack / sandwich / pastry / bagel / pizza / casual anything places that I can spend my days traveling around to.

However, Ive already been to so many of the traditional New York food tourist places (katz, R&D, Barney Greengrass, Di Fara, ippudo etc etc). Im looking for destination worthy casual food options that are less frequently discussed. If the place has ever been mentioned in one of the classic "where to eat when visiting NY" threads, Ive probably already been to it.

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  1. What about places that have crowds for dinner but are quiet for lunch? Sounds like you mainly want cheap eats? What's your budget?

    How about a West Village food crawl?

    Have you done the East Village 7th St corridor of Luke's, Butter Lane, Caracas, etc?

    Have you checked out

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      Im looking for cheap eats, because I already have plans for my night time fancy dinners. No budget restrictions.

      I used to live around st. marks, so ive done most of that neighborhood. Ive done the RGR and the chinatown tours, but not your west village one, so Ill definitely try that. Are there any other chowhound published neighborhood crawls you know of?

      Ive actually never checked Thanks for the suggestion.

      1. re: vnair2

        Not here on CH that I know of, but I like the Serious Eats neighborhood guides, done by various chefs.

    2. I'd agree that a food crawl is the way to go. Pick an area you're not prone to visiting.

      EIther that or start considering the various Best Of something threads. There's bound to be places that are under your radar. We can't possible guess as to which.