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Jan 31, 2013 03:40 PM

DC Experiences

Twice this week in DC, at Lunchtime we found ourselves in the DuPont Circle neighborhood. On Conn. Ave we stumbed into a Greek spot called Zorba's for a taste of Feta and olives. The food was delightful, but the smiling young man at the counter where one places orders, insured our experience would be a good one. My salad was the real thing, so fresh flavorful.
Today in a howling cold wind we rushed down 19th from the Metro about two blocks to C F Folks. It's a neighbors' diner on the ground floor of an office building, obsure for sure. It's also way more than good. Small menu, daily specials, & people who care about feeding others well. From my accent, the proprietor knew I was from the South. That brought on a discussion of how he orders crab meat (blue crab) as the season moves from Texas around & up to Chess. Bay.
Pasta Mia........just wonderful, absolutely wonderful.

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  1. What is that a picture of?

    1. Zorbas and CF are both good, but within that radius I still swear by Kosta's.

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      1. re: hill food

        Me, too, but not in the howling cold wind.

        1. re: monkeyrotica

          or in the blazing, swirling atmospheric face of Venus humidity known fondly as "August"

          1. re: hill food

            I'd rather eat Greek Deli "al fresco" on the curb in mid summer than most other sitdown Greek places downtown. Just not in January.