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Jan 31, 2013 03:15 PM

Cross-Border Grocery Shopping

Planning on going to New York (Buffalo area - Amherst/Cheektowaga) in March and am wondering what everyone likes to bring back to stock their fridges and cupboards. There was already a thread on this, but it was fairly dated.

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  1. just back yesterday, but my trips tend to be a "junkfest" rather than anything approaching "gourmet", so with that in mind:

    Sahlen's Hotdogs (a Buffalo fave for years)
    Wise Potato Chips (I am a Reg chip guy, but Onion and Garlic are good and not "overly seasoned")
    Nutter Butter cookies (or Bites)
    Dove Dark Choc. covered Almonds (tough to find usually only at Walgreen's)
    Dark Choc. Raisinets (I have found them in here in Canada but have not seen them for quite some time)

    Plus if you're an OREO fan, the array of flavours is getting ridiculous (good?) choc creme, peanut butter, golden w/ choc creme, neopolitan triple creme, mint, etc. plus the new Oreo Fudge creme (available in Canada) but new U.S. flavors choc and mint (tried the choc)

    just writing this is making me think about getting on the treadmill...

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      Kwfoodiewannabe if you're into the various Oreo flavours and in Toronto you should check out the Peek Freans outlet over at O'Connor and Bermondsey. According to their website they currently have regular, chocolate, golden, cool mint and berry burst ice cream. Not sure how up-to-date their website is, but they usually have a pretty good selection. I think they're usually around $2.50 a pack.

      1. re: kwfoodiewannabe

        I love junk so am happy to hear your recs. I always come back with some type of chocolate, usually form Target.

      2. We used to head to Tops when there to buy Crystal Beach Loganberry drink (they serve it at Duffs here in Toronto). They used to sell it by the 2L bottle, but now I can only find bottles of concentrate.

        Kids and DH also love the Cheez-It crackers -- they're nothing special but very nostalgic for DH :)

        1. Fage yogurt by the bucket load
          Biscoff cookies by Lotus
          LaCroix flavored water
          Oscar Mayer turkey bacon
          UTZ's potato chips & party mix
          I enjoy the Newman's Own frozen pizza's so if its wintertime I will haul some of those back too.

          1. I was one of those who received some excellent advice on this from the previous threads, happy to see a chance to get updated.

            I am also thinking junk food when doing cross border shopping too: chips, various brands of hotdogs, cheese-filled combos.

            Also: yogurt from pastured milk in a glass jar, various cheeses such as cave-aged "artisan" cheeses that can be a much better deal than those up north.

            1. Jimmy Dean breakfast sausage in the tubes, not pre-sliced.