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Blue cheese issue!

I've always loved blue cheese dressing but have never tasted blue cheese straight. I was making some appetizers for a small new Years Eve party, decided to splurge and bought a small package of Maytag Blue Cheese. I opened it up and tasted a small bit and it was so strong it almost burned my mouth at first. I expected it to be stronger than a cheapo version but is it supposed to be THAT strong? Yes, I'm used to eating milder cheeses - jack, cheddar, but also brie and even gorgonzola and goat cheese. But I'm wondering if maybe it wasn't stored or wrapped properly. It wasn't an ammoniated(?) smell or taste and in the appetizers it was better but still really strong. So my question for the cheese experts out there is: Is Maytag Blue Cheese supposed to be that strong? Or, maybe it's just the Maytag brand/style and other blue cheeses aren't so....Let's just say assertive.

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  1. Some blue cheeses are nice eaten straight. I like Willapa Farms "Two-Faced Blue."

    1. Maytag is a pretty strong Blue...........

      1. Maytag is actually one of the milder blues, IMO. Try letting it come to room temp and put some on a cracker or slice of good bread. Unlike Cheddars and other milder cheeses, I wouldn't just eat a bite of blue cheese on its own. You can also try mixing it with an equal amount of cream cheese to "tame" it.

        1. Maytag isn't super assertive as far as blue cheeses go, but there are some that will really curl your hair out there (and burn your tongue, sinuses and everything else). If you're just used to eating blue cheese in salad dressing, I'm not surprised it was a shock - blue cheese salad dressing (while I love it) is quite mild and unless you're making it yourself, what little cheese it contains is probably not of the highest quality. Keep tasting blues and find one that works for your palate. The more accustomed you get to the flavor, the more you'll like it!

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            I had some of the best Blue Cheese at a wedding a few months back. Blue Affinee from Wisconsin. Man, it was so good!!!!!

          2. I, too, find Maytag assertive, good to mix into creamy dressings or dips. I do love blue cheeses. Try Cambozola, a triple creme blue Brie from Germany. Also try a wedge of Huntsman, orange double Gloucester layered with Stilton from England. Best at room temperature. Both are very easy on the palate!!

            1. You would know it if the bleu cheese had spoiled!

              Try a Blue Wensleydale cheese as a first blue. It is somewhat sweet and quite tasty.

              1. I would start with milder blue cheeses

                1. Maytag is my favorite!!!

                  It's really not assertive on a blue cheese scale.

                  I've had blues that are bitter and vile and leave a taste in your mouth for days -- at cheese tastings run by one of America's leading cheesemonger!

                  Maytag is my favorite because of its very balanced taste.

                  You might want to try a Danish blue. Creamy and quite mild.

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                    You might browse through this thread for ideas http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/652849. A few milder recommendations: Cambozola, Castello, Gorgonzola dolce (not picante) and Saga.

                  2. I recently purchased some Maytag from the same shop I usually do, and experienced the same thing. There was almost a "sting" to the tongue. No ammonia smell. The taste was no stronger than usual. I'd rate it in the medium range for strength/bite. There was just this "sting".

                    1. Maytag is a mild blue. I had a blue from Oregon that could have jump started an old truck on a cold day.

                      1. Many great blue cheeses. Imported ones generally better and more distinctive taste. Gorgonzola, Danish Blue, and the daddy of all blues, Roquefort. Great just on a nice cracker...