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Jan 31, 2013 01:49 PM

Haan Run grocery : best dumplings?

any suggestions (please name brand) for pork as well as vegetable dumplings from their freezer dept? There are so many choices...never know what to pick. I will either steam them or do them as pot stickers and add a bit of water and cover with lid for 9 minutes as per most directions.

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  1. Which location are you shopping at? Personally, I find most of the Korean Meat and Vegetable dumplings to be heavy on the filler side, without any solid texture. I don't purchase vegetable only dumplings, so I cannot opine on them. The problem I have with the fancy bright packaging most of these, and Japanese dumplings comes that you cannot see what is inside (both in the packaging and inside the dumpling) I share in the same concerns you have.

    While I shop at at both HMart and Han Yang, I;m not familiar with Haan Run. If I'm not purchasing frozen dumplings directly from someplace in Chinatown....I usually purchase my frozen dumplings at the Chinese Supermarket in River Edge under the CH & H Label....which are made locally(unknown) and proprietary packaged for the market. They cost about $10 for 50.

    If you are looking for Korean Mandoo specifically, then there's Best Dumpling in Englewood.

    1. Oh, sorry, Haan Run is HMart. Location is Cherry Hill NJ