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Jan 31, 2013 12:35 PM

Anyone remember the croissant lady on Duluth?

I recall from about 5-10 years ago a tiny shop on Duluth, around deBullion, where a woman made all kinds of croissants & Danishes, and possibly breads. I think she was only open on weekends. Does anyone else remember it? I'm almost wondering if it was all in my imagination. Anyone know why she closed or where she went?

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  1. Yes I remember her. She didn't make anything. She bought her stuff from bakeries. She had worked at Kouign-amann before. That's where I first met her. Most of the baked goods she sold were from there. This is Kouign-amann before it was sold and done over. When Daniel, the guy who opened the place, was still running things. His croissants were amazing, but he wasn't much a of a business man. That's why he had to sell. I wonder where he is today.

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      Really? She didn't make the stuff? That's interesting. Kind of a funny business idea, just selling stuff from other bakeries. Do you remember when Kouign-Amann changed hands? It always seems that their almond croissants never live up to my memories of them; maybe that's why! Thanks for the info.

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        I don't remember exactly when Kouign-amann was sold. I know that he was bought out by a business man who kept him on as an employee, but that didn't last very long. Could have been around 2005. Then the current baker moved in. I don't who owns the place now.

    2. As far as we remember and were told, she was baking through the night so her amazing croissants would be ready in the morning, and eventually returned to Normandy. Maybe it's not the same person as SnackHappy is talking about? She was only open on the weekends.

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        I know she let people think she was the baker, but it wasn't the case. It was just marketing.

      2. I know it is not the same place, but there used to be a place on St. Denis on the corner of Gilford that had the most amazing small croissants. Back in the 70s (yes, I know, I am dating myself) the croissants were only about 50 cents! And they were home baked. Last I went in there, the owners were quite elderly and the place didn't seem as good. Does anyone remember the name of the place?