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Jan 31, 2013 12:21 PM

need rec for fairly high-end biz lunch spot in Sherman Oaks / Studio City

Hi Hounds -- I need a little help with a SFV rec. I need to find a spot for a business lunch in Sherman Oaks / Studio City area for my boss. These lunches happen infrequently, and in the past we've used the Patina Group's Pinot Bistro -- turns out it is now closed. So... would love recommendations for a fairly high-end professional lunch spot. Small group (3 men), and tilt more toward steak than sushi. A quick search on Yelp suggested Mistral, Le Petit Restaurant, and Panzanella. Any thoughts on those? other ideas? Thanks for any help you can give. Love the LA Hounds! :-)

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  1. I like Il Tiramisu a lot for business lunch. Very good Italian on Ventura and Woodman,

    1. Panzanella is very nice, not sure if they're open for lunch though.

      Another option might be the Rive Gauche Cafe at Hazeltine & Ventura.

      1. Mistral is very good as are the steaks and fries...

        1. Slightly to the west of your area, but Larsen's Steakhouse in Encino (at Woodley) would be perfect for what you describe. It's only about 5 minutes west of Panzanella.

          Mistral is nice, and Rive Gauche has already been mentioned.

          There also is Stanley's, which is like an 80s time warp for "California" cuisine.

          1. Nearby where Pinot Bistro was is the Bistro Garden at Coldwater. I have not been in years but remember it as very attractive and definitely suitable for business lunches.

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              Bistro Garden would be a great choice.

              1. re: New Trial

                Bistro Garden and Mistral the best two options.
                Never Tiramisu, nor Panzanella for that matter, but if you cannot do without Italian food, try Ca de Sole on Cahuenga/Lankershim in the Universal Studios area.

                1. re: carter

                  "Never Tiramisu"? Its not as fancy as Mistral or Bistro, but the food is very good. You dont agree?

                  1. re: Thor123

                    Reminds me of Maria's, and that is not a compliment.
                    Ownership is nice, I only wish the food was a match.

                    1. re: carter

                      Night and day. When did you dine there?

                      1. re: Thor123

                        Several times with choice made by others. Every time, food nearly tasteless, and the menu shows no inventiveness. Same old, same old menu you saw 20 years ago.
                        I would pity the people of Italy if that was all they could eat for dinner every day.

                  2. re: carter

                    Over the years, have had several business lunches at Ca' del Sole and highly recommend it. Food is fresh, well-prepared and tasty, service is good and ambiance is lovely (quiet and elegant inside, delightful patio if day is nice).
                    Agree that the closing of Pinot Bistro leaves a real void in this type of lunch dining in the Valley.