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Jan 31, 2013 11:17 AM

Girls in NYC

Hi All!

Me and two girlfriends will be in NYC this coming Tues - Friday. We will be seeing a concert at Barclays center on the Wednesday and going to Beauty and Essex right before that for dinner.

We are trying to get a reso for La Esquina, but it's been tricky!

Any other recos on must-go's for breakfast/lunch/dinner?

We will be staying in Soho, and have been a few times, but anything new and exciting going on?


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  1. Planning for next week may be a little tricky as your travel dates are so soon. Less than one week in advance means that a lot of restaurants that take reservations will be fully booked or only have 5pm and 10pm left. However, if you are willing to wait for a table, you can still squeeze into restaurants that don't take reservations at all.

    In terms of "must go" restaurants, what's your budget? It's best to give a per person budget for food *only* as drinking habits can vary a lot.

    Favorite cuisines/foods? Any allergies, dietary restrictions, or avoids?

    Where are you traveling from?

    What have you liked on previous trips?

    What kind of atmosphere/dress code do you prefer?

    It's really hard to make recommendations without knowing more about your tastes.

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      Thanks, Kathryn - should have specified some more.

      - Budget is about 50 - 60/meal - food only, but of course cheap and cheerful is never frowned upon.

      - open to any cuisine, we're all 'foodies' and adventurous - so nothing to avoid (we love anything asian inspired)

      - travelling from Toronto, and pretty much exhausted our options here

      - previously loved nuela (which i know is no longer around), essex, spice market - anything with a unique menu and fun/urban atmosphere - something that turns into a night time entertainment is also a plus since we can spend the night there instead of looking for somewhere else to go.

      I'll check out those posts - thank you!

    2. All the questions Kathryn asked, above.

      Also, make sure your rez at B&E is early enough - it can take about a half-hour to get to Barclays from the LES, you'll want time to find your seats, etc, probably leave B&E no later than 7:00 or so for an 8:00 show, unless you don't mind missing some of the opening act...

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      1. re: sgordon

        our reso is at 5, so we should be ok! it's an 8pm start :)

        1. re: urbancoupleto

          You may very well be the only people dining so early at B&E on a February Weds as it is not exactly a pre-theater sorta place. It is best for a late night clubby feel dinner. Not 5PM. Just a warning.