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Jan 31, 2013 11:03 AM

Mulligatawney Soup

I wanted to make some for visitors and the only recipe I found here was by mamachef in the mega-stir fry thread:

It looks good but I'd really like to emulate a version I had at a local indian buffet which had red lentils, I assume, in it. And some spicy kick.

Any favorite recipes out there?

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  1. There's a recipe on Chowhound that sounds like a winner;

    It's on my to-cook list next time I make a roast chicken or turkey.

    1. Use Google with the keywords "Mulligatawney Soup."

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      1. re: ChiliDude

        Been there, done that. Overwhelming amount of information. Hoping for tried and true.

      2. I made this every year after Thanksgiving but it would work with water or another broth..

        1. There is a pic of the ingredient label from a 5 gal container of Mulligatawney soup churned out by the company owned by Al Yeganeh on the web. Another good cook and I back engineered this as best we could. It takes a couple of hours simmering for it to come together. The results were heavenly. A truly awesome creation. There are well over 20 ingredients in his masterful soup including pistacios and orange juice (instead of lemon juice). The OJ gives a completely different taste. If you remember that the ingredients are listed in order of volume it isn't too difficult to recreate this. And well worth the effort.