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Jan 31, 2013 10:41 AM

Long Island Winery Rec Needed

I am driving from Suffolk Co to Orient Point Ferry Feb. 12 and would love to stop at a winery. I have absolutely no knowledge of LI wine production. Last time I was in the area 3 years ago, I recall seeing SO many wineries so could welcome a recommedation.

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  1. From Baiting Hollow to Southold along Rt 48 and Rt 25 there are so many.
    I've been to most and they are all fun to visit.
    If you have an idea of what you are looking for check out their web sites.
    During the winter some may have reduced opening days and hours.

    1. I love Osprey's Dominion on Main Road in Peconic, great blends & pinot noir. Also Paumonok in Jamesport & Macari in Mattituck.

      1. Our favorites are Macari Vineyards and Sparkling Point (champage). They are both on Rt. 49 on the way to Orient Point.

        1. Check out
          For Winter music events at selected vineyards. Great fun!!

          1. DH and I enjoyed Pindar when we were there last spring. I tried a Gamay Noir for the first time there and was very pleased.


            Here is a link to LI Wine Country, with a lot of general info. They also have a good app for the iPhone/iPad.