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Jan 31, 2013 10:37 AM

One meal (dinner) in Buckhead

Any suggestions? Any cuisine, price not an issue.


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  1. McKinnons Louisiane is quiet, classy, quite good.

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    1. Aria is one of Atlanta's best restaurants. It's on East Paces Ferry. If not Aria try Kyma for the only decent Greek restaurant in town.

      1. agree with aria--- also Bistro Niko is outstanding, as is Empir State south--we also like Bocado, very upetmpo, great menu--a little loud though with the way its built..For the best steaks et al its McKendricksbut theyre not in Buckhead--Bones is very good though

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          Empire State South and Bocado not in Buckhead.

          Antica Posta is excellent for Tuscan.

        2. There are several good choices below, but I would go for Restaurant Eugene or Holeman & Finch given you criteria. Same ownership, just different style and price points. If you want to leave Buckhead, ESS, Bacchanalia, Bocado and other mid-town options might come into play.

          1. Aria, Restaurant Eugene, Kyma are probably your best bets in Buckhead. They are all relatively expensive, but all very good. Holeman and Finch is awesome, but does not take reservations, and since you said price is not an issue, I would guess want more upscale than it.