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Jan 31, 2013 10:36 AM

Best Po Boy walking distance from the superdome

Hi I'm going to be in town for the superbowl. Already have reservations for saturday night to try the cuisine, but I'd like to have a traditional Po Boy before heading in to the game. Any Ideas about hidden gems within 2 miles of the stadium that might have under an hrs wait?

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  1. You won't find any 'hidden gems' (And even if there are any I doubt any local is going to noise it about for the Super Bowl) but any of the standards in The French Quarter are within your two miles. I'd send people Uptown to Tracey's or Parasol and take the streetcar back. Or you could go out to Mandina's and get something to go. That is also an easy streeetcar commute. And as long as you are out MAndina way you could go wander around the corner to Liluzza's..Lots of possibilites, Volume is going to be enormous so good luck.

    1. As far as I know there's nothing "hidden" within walking distance that's going to be open on Sunday. I'd do Tracey's or Parasol's as well, they're not much over two miles from the Dome and shouldn't be as crazy as the downtown places before the game. I wouldn't categorize them as hidden gems though; both are well known and consistently busy on game days and everyday. Tracey's opens at 11, I'm not sure about Parasol's.

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        You don't think Johnny's would be open on Super Bowl Sunday? seems they could make a killing

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          Raises an interesting logistical question: how much extra bread do you have to order the day before? Can you get multiple deliveries (well, maybe not Sunday). I knew people who, at Maardi Gras, would set up and go til they ran out of womething essential and thwen shut downand go play,. If you did get extrq bread you might run into quality prolems lter in the dqy..but if the poboy is roast beef and the gravy is worth a damny'otta be able to get away with muurder. Besides, I am sure the Martinv boys were not always using the freshest of bread. There is your link with History.

      2. Haven't been in a long time, but try Cajun Mike's Pub 'n Grubb on Baronne Street across from the Roosevelt Hotel.

        1. To the Johnny's question -- although the Web says they are open later until 4:30 on Sundays, I am not so sure are. Worth a call to double check and worth the poor boy.

          1. In the french quarter - Napoleon House, 500 Chartres Street, New Orleans, La. 70130 / 504.524.9752 the web site indicates closed on Sunday - but worth giving them a call. With the so many visitors in town for the game and Mardi Gras a lot of places are doing extended hours. Definitely worth giving them a call. And if you are considering a Muffaletta Napoleon House is hands down better than Central Grocery!